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Emirates Complaints>Terminal Illness
Flyaway 1:35 PM Jan 23, 2017
While I am still sore about the airline that puts the irate in EmIRATEs.. I have to say that it is a shame that the first and last contact with such a marvelous country and people, is one that leaves a bad taste.
I had high expectations from an airline and airport that represent one of the most dynamic, futuristic places in the world.
Emirates boarding procedure in Boston's Logan Airport was the worse I have ever seen in my many miles of air travel. They do not have their own gates there which is a big part of the problem. A fully booked 777 had passengers strewn about a gate area that was more suitable for a small domestic flight.
Thaey required an additional passport check though I fail to see how one would have gotten this far with no passport. This created an additional line full of people that spoke little English, which made it a slow, slow process. They could have done the passport check then let people board but no. Now everyone had to join an additional line. All the while there were extra computers and agents standing by when they should have been opening up and helping expedite.

Then there is the vaunted, new Dubai International. I give it high marks for the lounge seats but maybe they should have used the money for air conditioning. I was sweating profusely by the time I got to baggage. Signage was poor as evident by the many people asking where to go for baggage claim.
Then there is the departure area. Do they need to close an entire bathroom for cleanig? Especially when the next closest one was jam packed, being next to the prayer room and so many people using it as a bath house.
I had a bite to eat at a sushi place that was directly at the entrance to many of the gates. While I was there, I watched a parade of passengers ask directions to the poor servers in the food service field. This would be the logical place for an information booth.
There were 6 self check in kiosks in at the entrance to the gate agents and not a one of them working. Realy?
The behavior of chidren in the gate waiting area was reprehensible. Why would you want your passengers to begin a flight all ready harried by the behavior they are subjected while waiting to board? Time for the airlines to step up and demand some sort of decorum in an airport.
It is a shame that my experience I enjoyed so much in this amazing country with so many wonderful people, was tarnished by the company making the first and last impression on visitors.
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