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Default Spirit 763 and 612

I feel this Airline is unsafe for customers as you read you will find out why I feel this way

Confirmation Code: J4KWKF

Flight Date:
June 12, 2013
Flight Number:
Departure City:
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN (MSP)
Scheduled Departure Time:
9:59 p.m.
Arrival City:
Las Vegas (LAS)
Scheduled Arrival Time:
11:19 p.m.

On June 12, 2013 I had a flight from Minneapolis to Las Vegas leaving at 9:59 pm. When we got to the airport which is approximately 3 ˝ hours driving time from my home, we found out the flight was delayed until 12:55 am. This was an acceptable inconvenience. Approximately 10:00 pm the announcement came across that the flight was cancelled. We were told it was cancelled because of weather in Chicago, IL. At this point I got on the phone to try to get another flight out. I was told that there was not another flight available with Spirit Airlines until Monday, June 17, 2013, so I asked to have my money refunded ASAP so I could get another flight. (This seemed to present a problem for your respective agent), I was hung up on so I could not ask any other questions. My husband, my year 8 old daughter and I decided to drive back home. Later that morning on June 13, 2013 I found out that there was a flight that went out the same time that evening. We were not able to get on that flight. We did get a flight on the 14th at the same departure time. After spending the approximately 3 ˝ hour drive back to Minneapolis, we no more walked into the ticketing counter to learn that the flight was delayed yet again, but this time it was due to a mechanical issue with the aircraft. By the way, this was the same plane that was canceled two days before.

We have some problems with the cancelled flight; the storm they say that cancelled the flight was done at approximately 7:00 pm. Here is a quote from CNN

URGENT - Illinois-Tornado-WarningPublished On: Jun 12 2013 05:30:15 PM CDT(CNN) -- A tornado warning has been issued for central Kendall County, Illinois -- about 50 miles southwest of Chicago -- through 6 p.m. (7 p.m. ET)

1. This storm was 50 miles south of Chicago

2. This storm was over well before 12:55 when the plane was supposed to leave Chicago, IL (We feel there was no need to cancel this flight for weather, a delay would have been more appropriate at this juncture in time)

It was imperative that we get to my daughter’s graduation on June 15, 2013 at 8:00am. We also had to drive approximately 4 more hours from the airport in Las Vegas to get to her graduation.

We also had reservations at the Excalibur in Las Vegas so our 8 year old daughter could feel like a princess for a day. The 8 year old was very upset she could not be a princess for the day. Both of these things were very important to us and most of all to both of our daughters.

This was not the end of our problems with Spirit Airlines.

Flight # 612


TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 2013

Las Vegas, NV
12:10 AM
5:08 AM

When we booked a flight the second time I booked the same return as we had the first time from Las Vegas to Minneapolis. The flight was to leave at 12:10 am but once again when we got to the airport we found out the flight was delayed for 58 minutes. When we were able to board the plane it did not move for over 45 minutes. We were informed by an aircrew member the pilot should be boarding the airplane shortly via an incoming flight, he just arrived from. We watched another Spirit plane arrive and then we watched him (the pilot) get off that plane and come to our plane. In a short amount of time the aircraft moved away from the jet way and onto the taxi way, where the plane sat idle near the active runway for over 1 hour.

We did not arrive in Minneapolis until after 8:00 am.

When we finally arrived in Minneapolis, MN we were one of the last to get off the plane just to hear the pilot say to the individuals that were waiting for all the passengers to get off the plane. “The nose of the plane is overheating it needs to be checked”. This was very scary for us to hear that SPIRIT AIRLINES put SEVERAL PASSANGERS IN DANGER and did not even apologize to anyone.

I will never fly with Spirit Airlines again unless you can somehow make this up to us and maybe the other passengers that were on either of these flights. The seats were very unconformable and were inoperable so they would not even recline, so we had to try to attempt to get comfortable sitting straight up. The only thing these flights had going for them is the price of the air fare is inexpensive but they make you pay for all other accommodations, which are typically cost free with other established airlines.
spirit airlines

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