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Spirit Airlines Complaints>Cancelled flight
spiritrant 11:37 PM May 10, 2015
Spirit airlines cancelled their flight NK 382 on May 10. No reason other than "uncontrollable circumstance". This is an extremely irresponsible company. This forum should try and collectively lodge a complain to DOT and try to shut down this airline. It is a dysfunctional company which will not survive the market forces in any other country in the world. We deserve better than this irresponsible, incompetent group of people trying to run an airline. The way they work, they are incapable of running a fruit stand in farmer's market. Lets start sending all complains to DOT and request them to force this pollutant out of the air in the USA.
Burgers 11:19 AM May 11, 2015
I've never flown a ULCC like Spirit but also understand the business model. There is inherent risk when things go wrong as you've seen.
Shutting this company down? Umm, its publicly traded and doing quite well, despite getting beat up on its Q2 forward looking guidance. Besides, because you got inconvenienced you'd like thousands to lose their jobs?
You wanted to save a few bucks rather than fly a real legacy carrier and got burned, this is the real lesson to all Spirit or Allegiant customers.
cliff7080 2:06 PM May 12, 2015
Ever stop to think that you are the reason that airlines like spirit are the most profitable in the country? You bought the CHEAPEST possible ticket that you could find just because its so CHEAP without wondering WHY and HOW they can sell seats that cheap. Stories about people stranded for DAYS abound as they have sort of arrangement to book their passengers on another airline. Once a 150 seat flight is sold out they have NO WAY to get those 150 people home without having them wait for an open seat.

The original seat was sold to you at UNDER their cost so the ONLY way then can make their profit is to whack you with every add on fee that they can legally find, plus a few that they make up as they go along. They are TOTALLY understaffed and the staff that they do have are TOTALLY underpaid and undertrained.

Spirit as ranked #2 in the top 10 WORST airlines in the WORLD. Worse that Aeroflot, China Eastern and Ryan Air.

Maybe he next time you see a company selling a product for HALF the price that other more reputable companies are selling it for you'll stop and ask yourself just HOW can they manage to do that and still make a profit. A 2 minute check on line would have told you that when everything is ok then those airline function reasonably well but when something goes WRONG you are going to be in a world of hurt.

But then, they are the CHEAPEST and some people just but CHEAP.
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