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Does Delta Sky Miles EVER Answer Complaints?

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Old Aug 19, 2011, 8:01 AM
tdncz tdncz is offline
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For the past month +, I have sent and re-sent a question and then a complaint to Delta Sky Miles as to why they withdrew 25K miles from my account for a Business Class Upgrade from what was supposed to be an ATL to Kuwait trip (Via AMS).

When I tried to re-board in AMS for KWI, they told me the upgrade was only good from ATL to AMS and put me back in Coach. I looked on the website when I arrived in Iraq (where i am currently deployed) and saw that the mileage for an upgrade from ATL to AMS was 15K and from ATL to KWI qwas 25 K -- I was charged 25K.

I then sent the below message to Sky Miles Customer Service, and have re-sent and re-sent alomost a dozen times! I have even received a couple of "receipts that we got your e-mail" from Sky Miles but NOTHING else.

I am not in a place where I can call them via the phone , or I would have done it already.

ANY TIPS? Do they just IGNORE Complaints sent to their e-mail address?

Below is my LAST attempt a week ago:

ORIGINAL Message: ATTENTION: This is the SIXTH TIME I HAVE SENT THIS IN OVER THE PAST 2 MONTHS!! I am unsure of the confirmation number. However, on 18 June I flew from OAJ -ATL - AMS - KWI on a "M/M' fare. I am in the Marine Corps and was ultimately traveling to Iraq on official orders to deploy as part of Operation New Dawn. I arrived at KWI on 19 June. (Luggage was lost and found 5 days later.) The flight number in question: 9375 (ATL -AMS). When I recieved the ticket, I called Delta to upgrade to business class and was told it would amount to 25K miles from OAJ to KWI. Or I could do so at the airport. When I arrived at ATL after a 5 hour delay from OAJ, I rushed to the counter and was allowed to complete the upgrade to KWI. COST: 25K points. When I arrived in AMS, and attempted to board to KWI in Business Class, I was told that my ticket was coach to KWI and the upgrade I purchased was only good from ATL to AMS. That was not what I had paid for. In fact, the mileage Chart on the Sky Miles website lists as 25 K miles from Continental US to Middle East. For my fare to Europe I beleive it is only 15K miles. I initally thought that I was simply charged 15K miles for the US to Europe leg. However, when I learned that I was charged 25K miles, I was a bit taken aback. Hence this e-mail. I think that I am entitled to a refund of points - at least the 10K miles extra that I paid out of my account without receiving the benefit of a business class upgrade from US to KWI. I am a Preferred member of Star Alliance and have never had an issue when I have flow Sky Team airlines. Could you please look into this issue and respond to me at: [email protected] ? I appreciate you attention to this issue.

Sincerely, TROY TAYLOR
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Old Aug 19, 2011, 5:49 PM
jimworcs jimworcs is offline
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Answer to your question: No.

This forum is littered with Delta horror stories. I would switch carriers... You are flogging a dead horse chasing good customer service from Delta.
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Old Nov 12, 2011, 5:01 PM
Jantonis Jantonis is offline
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I find it very difficult to use the award miles I accumulate on Delta. I have chose to fly only the direct PDX to AMS flight 4-5 times this year for convenience, but see little reason to continue. The 767 is very old and no individual monitors for in-flight entertainment. That has become very rare with all your competitors.

Similarly upgrades are impossible; however United and before that Continental too regularly upgrade me if a seat is available (regardless of the ticket fare price) and I have the same level of ff program (silver equivalent). I need 3k miles to reach 50k this year on delta and 2k to reach 50k on United. I will fly anywhere to make sure I get the united qualification. Next year...100k+ with United. Usually the routes are more important to me then the ff status, but Delta's is really that bad by comparison.

Here is more...

I looked to get an award ticket to TPE this coming summer...nothing from Delta without spending at least 95k for the least desirable route/ flight. Then it jumps to 120k miles. I chose to book two award tickets on United (65k each for the dates I wanted in June 2012).

Again, wanted to book some tickets to PSP in December 2011 (40k miles was the lowest). No shared dates with Alaska for dates around that time so I booked on Alaska (with my Alaska miles...yes, I travel a lot for business) for 32.5k for the dates I wanted (direct). Are you starting to understand. The business traveler is not liking what your offering. You need a more attractive ff program. Until then, I feel little motivation to work with Delta.
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Old Jan 6, 2012, 2:44 PM
nirinir nirinir is offline
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I'm also waiting 2 months for an answer from Delta's customer service. Even wrote them several e-mails and no response.
Sad to say, but you better just give up and acknowledge the face that this is the worst airline company in the world. forget about the mils... just don't fly with Delta ever again.
I had a 9 hour delay with my Delta flight and the only thing all the other passengers talked about during the delay is their personal Delta horror stories. I really don't know why ppl keep flying with them...
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