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COMPLAINT: Delta 9 houer delay - and no answer

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Old Jan 4, 2012, 7:47 PM
nirinir nirinir is offline
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Never wrote a complaint before but Delta Airlines has a customer service that just drove me insane. they promise to get back to you after 7-30 days. well, i waited 50 days, send several mails, and still nobody answer my complaint.
Here is the complaint i wrote them:

The plane took off from Seattle in15/11/2011 while the navigation control was damaged. After 7 hours in a freezing plane the pilot suddenly announced that we have to land in Detroit due to that problem. although the Delta team in Detroit knew about it 3 hours before the landing, the passengers were informed only an hour before the landing (too bad. i could have send an e-mail to my contact in Amsterdam who waited for me in Schiphol airport). Than the Delta team in Detroit airport announced that we will be in Amsterdam at 16:20PM after changing planes, but even the delay hour wasn't correct as we landed around 17:30PM. I was planing to spend a day in Amsterdam and visit a friend but had to stay in the airport for my next flight that was due to 20:50 with KLM to Tel-Aviv. The KLM team in Schiphol airport told me that i can change my flight back to Israel and fly on the next day, but I'll have to pay a night at the hotel. So i stayed in the airport, waited for my original flight back home and completed 24 hours of flights and unexpected connections. I heard that each passenger will receive a 100$ voucher, which i find kinda funny. I would not write this complaint unless there was another mechanic error in a Delta plane on my flight from Amsterdam to Seattle (DL 0233) on November 10th. this time i had to wait more than 2 hours in the plane until it took of. First, the pilot announced that there will be a delay due to safety reasons, than he said that there are some "paper issues" and just as the plane started to move towards take of, it stooped and had to return to the same spot in Schiphol airport because it had to be refueled according to the captain. And just to seal the deal during the landing in Seattle drops of water fell on me and got my pants wet (I was sitting near the exit, seat 29J - you better check it out). The steward who sat in-front of me was completely stunned. he tried to wipe the drops from the plane ceiling with his handkerchief... Anyway, I went to Seattle to meet my family (my brother got married there) and the two and a half hours delay ruined our first day (we planned a trip together on that day but they had to go without me after i didn't show up). I couldn't believe that even on my way back home there will be a series of even more bizarre mechanic malfunctions in another Delta plane. i missed a trip with my family in Seattle,got my pants wet, missed a visit and a meeting in Amsterdam, and a work day in Israel because of Delta unreasonable delays. and all in one week. unbelievable. Although I'm extremely angry, I'd like to point out that the Delta crew on all of the flights were professionals and acted remarkably well. They deserve better airplanes.
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Old Jan 4, 2012, 10:26 PM
Matt_FLL Matt_FLL is offline
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What an experience. You are describing a series of unusual yet inexcusable mechanical delays.

I frown on the profound and worsening lack of resources in airline customer relation departments. That being said, it is extremely rare for any airline including Delta to take more than 50 days to respond to your concern. These departments generally provide some form of compensation for a single mechanical delay (e.g., your $100 voucher). If your entire series of issues can be validated against their flight records, I would assure that you will receive significant compensation.

First: If you contacted Delta electronically, including their website, I suggest that you check your junk/spam folders to ensure that a response has not already been received. You may also wish to check your frequent flyer account to see if any bonus miles have been added. Look for something like “Customer Relations Bonus Miles” or “Service Recovery Bonus”.

If you don’t find anything, print out your letter and send it via Postal mail. Their address is on the right hand corner of this page: .

You need and deserve a response, so don’t give up—and keep us posted on what happens.

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Old Jan 5, 2012, 1:58 AM
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Don't ask for miles though.. that entails you flying with them again. You have been Delta'd...they are the worst and don't do anything to put things right. You are better off avoiding them altogether.
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Old Jan 6, 2012, 2:40 PM
nirinir nirinir is offline
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I guess they are to worst airline company. never had an experience like that. Needless to say that i still didn't got any answer from their customer service although i sent them several letters.
An airline with such crappy planes probably didn't progress to the 21st century, so i guess i'll skip the e-mails and write them a good old fashion letter via air mail.
Thanks your help ppl.
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Old Jun 18, 2012, 12:51 AM
Aundreya Aundreya is offline
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I sat by the exit row on my flight back to Seattle and also had water droplets fall on me through the window of the exit door. It was raining outside so I'm guessing that's why but that doesn't seem safe.
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Old Jun 18, 2012, 1:00 AM
cortney cortney is offline
Airline Employee (NOT OFFICIAL REP)
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thats just condensation. not rain. happens all the time.
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