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Default My Valentine's Day with AA

My girlfriend and I had a fantastic time in Austin, Texas for my birthday 2/13/16 and enjoyed a beautiful Valentine ’s Day morning on 2/14/16 in San Antonio. We were back at the Austin International Airport around 1:30pm on 2/14/16 for our flight back home to Tucson, Arizona. Flight number was 653 and was to be departing from Austin to Phoenix at 3:45pm and arriving in Phoenix at 5:17pm local time. Our connection flight from Phoenix to Tucson was 2964 and was to be departing at 5:50pm. Locator number is NUYQWC.

Our flight from Austin to Texas was delayed 30 minutes. We were concerned about missing our connection flight so we discussed this with AA employee at the counter at the gate. She was very helpful and informed us that so far all she knew was that the flight was delayed 30 minutes from Charlotte due to “fuel related reasons”. We figured we can have a friend pick us up from Phoenix or take a shuttle to Tucson if we miss that flight. After this conversation we were informed that the flight was delayed even further because once the flight landed to Austin there were more concerns regarding safety of it. It was now delayed for another hour. This hour then turned to indefinite delay at which point we were informed to form a line and persons at the counter would help us.

We waited in line for 45 minutes however it was slow moving because there were only two people who could help us at the moment. We were told it is late and they did not have any other employees who could help us reconnect back to home. Therefore we waited in line and called AA reservation line where we were able to reschedule our travels from Austin to Dallas and then Dallas to Tucson on the same day. We were happy with this. We were told we would get a confirmation email which we never received. So we waited in the same line so we can get our boarding passes printed as well as confirm our new travel route.

When it was our turn at the counter after waiting in line for more than hour and half we were met by very rude AA employee who was very obviously frustrated with her job, lack of help, and long line of other angry travelers. We respectfully told this employee if we could get our new boarding passes printed. She did not know how to and was frustrated. She said “Why did you call the AA phone number and expect me to help?” in a very rude manner. She would not make any eye contact and we were unable to initiate any conversation regarding the cancelled flight as well as our new travel plans due to her frustrations and rude behavior. This employee then called someone on the phone who explained to her how to print new boarding passes. She then threw this boarding passes on the counter and left the counter without any explanation. We had a few questions regarding our cancelled flight however this employee was very rude, angry at us for calling the AA number and just over all unhelpful.

We called AA number to make a complaint as we felt that we were treated poorly for no reasons. We were told by the AA reservation line that there is no customer service on the phone. I have to ask for AA management at the airport. So I did and I met the manager who was equally unhelpful. I asked him I’d like to make a complaint and he told me to go to aa.com for that. I asked for his full name so I can identify appropriate people however he would not give me his full name. He told us “Everybody knows me and I don’t give people my last name”. I asked another employee beside Dave who also refused to give me his last name.

After all this we were notified that our new flight from Austin to Dallas was delayed. Again we had concerns regarding our connection flight from Dallas to Tucson. We inquired about this and were told it is hard to say if we would make the connection flight but it is worth getting on the flight from Austin to Dallas and can fly from Dallas to Tucson next day if we miss the last connection flight. So we boarded on our delayed flight. When we got to the Dallas airport we were notified that our connection flight from Dallas to Tucson was also delayed.

We arrived home tired and exhausted as well as very frustrated with AA about 8 hours late. We understands delays occur and you can not predict or control every aspect of your business. However being treated rudely by employees when you are paying for a delayed flight seems very unfair.

I contacted AA regarding this experience and basically received a non-answer email. I am traveling again with AA next month and would like a full refund as I do not think my travels with AA will be in a timely manner as well as respectful and courteous. I fear that I will get treated unfairly again for no reasons by their employees. I was told that AA does not give compensation. I do not want compensation I just want a refund for my future travel plans that I had made prior to this experience with AA. I did not get any further customer service support or replies from AA.
Again I would like a full refund for my future travels. I highly DO NOT recommend AA anymore. I will be going with SW instead it seems unless there is some customer service response to resolve my concerns.
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