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Default The trip from hell on delta 1st class service!

I would like to lodge a formal complaint in to the way my 1st Class booking on Delta Airways for compensation, as it was a disaster from start to finish. I would like to set up my complaint in paragraphs to explain to you what happened from my booking to arriving back in the USA flying Delta.

A) My company had accumulated around 250,000 Delta air miles, When I checked with Delta I was told I would need 90,000 Air Miles for a 1st Class ticket to Manchester England I booked the ticked, paid the taxes and was scheduled to leave on the 2nd Feb Flight Delta 1584 to Kennedy Airport New York to get my transfer on Flight Delta 154 to Manchester England as I had to be at a very important Trade show in Birmingham at the NEC for Sunday. So I booked a 1st class ticket to make sure I had priority in my seating and baggage, and 1st class service by Delta.
B) My Son David Kassar and his wife Denise Kassar also was trying to fly with me but when he tried to book the same flights Delta told him the flight was fully booked and he had to go on continental via Atlanta which we were not happy about and now I was flying by my self and my family were on a different flight/airline.
C) On arriving at Orlando Airport my son was flying 1 hour before me, so we arrived together. My check in for 1st class was good took around 10-15 minutes in line. But my son was in a line for 1-˝ hours as the line was so long. I explained to a Delta agent that I had a 1st class ticket and was trying to be with my family and asked them, as a courtesy if my family could check in at the 1st class counter as there was now no line. They said NO he had to wait 1-˝ hours like the rest of them. So I waited in the airport until they checked in. Now it was to late to get together as their flight was boarding in 30 minutes. Got no help from Delta with this situation.
D) This is where the trouble all started. The outgoing flight never arrived on time; I was told you had to change the plane and gate. We were around 45 minutes late in take off so when we landed in New York I only had around 45 minutes for my connection. I was now very worried about my baggage as I had all my work in for the Trade show to I asked a Delta agent if there would be any problems with my connecting flight in regards to getting my baggage on board. They told me they only needed 15 minutes from arrival to get luggage transferred. I thought this was unusual so when we finally arrived late in Kennedy airport I quickly went to 2 other Delta agents to check with them on my baggage. Both of them told me not to worry as they were aware of the late arrival and my baggage will be on the plane. NOT TRUE!
E) When I boarded both the planes the 1st plane to JFK I guess was only half full, and the plane to the UK was about 2/3rds full. So I was very upset why my Son and Daughter in law could not get a ticket on these flights as Delta had told him both flights were fully booked and there were no more seats on both the planes
F) Well guess what! Arrived in Manchester England waited for all the baggage on the carousel and NO BAGGAGE. An agent for Delta came over asked me my name and said “ Sorry your baggage is still in New York” I explained to him how carefully I had contacted Delta agents in New York to make sure my baggage was loaded on to the aircraft and he said “Sorry cant do anything about it” I told him all my work was in my case for a Trade Show on Sunday . He said he does not think I will be able to get my luggage to Sunday afternoon.
G) On Sunday afternoon around 12.30pm my luggage arrived by courier, it was now to late to go to the show in Birmingham. I had over 7 appointments set up that day to see supplies of ours that I could not reach as I did not have phone numbers for them as my cell phone was packed in my baggage. Also my Son who had arrived in the UK with his wife was now not able to go to the Show as all the show details, Passes, etc were in my case that never arrived.
H) On my return I checked in okay at Manchester airport, got to JFK on time, and then the problems started all over again. I was told there was a mechanical problem with the plane from JFK to Orlando so there will be a 2-hour delay. I arrived at JFK at around 1.30 pm . I waited almost 7 hours to get my connection. Then we were told we had to get a bus to the aircraft. I was holding a 1st class ticked. I was put on a bus (Standing Room Only) and then my priority boarding never happened I was just in a line with another 100+ passengers. The plane finally took off at around 7.45 pm.
I) When I arrived at Orlando my baggage being 1st Class should have had priority handling. I was almost the last person to get my baggage. The 1st Class Service you offered never happened.
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So basically you are too cheap and put your family in coach and are trying to get first class service for them. What do you expect.
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Originally Posted by dragonfire6.delta.com View Post
So basically you are too cheap and put your family in coach and are trying to get first class service for them. What do you expect.
dragonfire6.delta.com248. you sound like a new employee that does not know what passenger service is and that a First Class Customer deserves First Class Treatment. dDelta needs to their Former Brand of Customer Service.
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cOLUMBO.....the comment you are referring to is over 2 years old. Most likely his career is over. They don't last long nowadays.
Yes, the rules and policies favor the airlines unfairly. I do not dispute that.
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Columbo wrote:

Delta needs to (become) their Former Brand of Customer Service.

First I'll admit I've never become a victim of any Delta "Sky Nazi." However, several posts on this board strongly suggest the "Sky Nazi" is a breed which thrives in the Delta of today. Sadly, I can remember that "former brand of customer service." The Delta Air Lines of 1969, from a customer's perspective, was a place where even the holder of a deep-discount ticket got respect and civility. And there were as many customers who acted like jerks then as there are today. In the space of forty years an airline has evolved from an icon of southern charm to Nazis commanding the loading of a cattle car. I don't expect to ever see generous coach seat pitches return. But why did Scarlet O'Hara have to give-way to Dora The Domanatrix?
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The New Management is not out of the Old School. The Old Delta were family and advancement from within. Delta is not the old Family and there new motto is We do Not like to Provide Customer Service and it SHOWS not " WE LOVE TO FLY AND IT SHOWS". BRING BACK THE OLD DELTA AND YOU WILL OBTAIN PROFITABILITY AND HAPPY CUSTOMERS. REME MBER YOU ARE IN A SERVICE INDUSTRY AND WITHOUT THE PROPER SERVICE YOU WILL FAIL.

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