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Arrow Party of 4 Stranded in Bali

I had purchase 4 tickets for a trip from Minneapolis, MN to Bali. The tickets were purchased directly through Delta. Flying:
MSP to LAX - Delta Flight 2565 on August 1, 2015
LAX to Sydney - Delta Flight 17 on August 1, 2015
Sydney to Bali - Virgin Australia Flight 65 on August 3, 2015

Bali to Sydney - Virgin Australia Flight 64 on August 9, 2015 (Flight was cancelled)
Sydney to LAX - Delta 16 on August 9, 2015
LAX to MSP - Delta 821 on August 9, 2015

Once Virgin Australia Flight 64 was cancelled, there was no way to make their connections.

The problem started with the cancellation of Virgin Australia Flight 64. Neither airlines assisted the party of 4 in rescheduling their flights. Why didn't Virgin Australia assist them with getting the 4 passengers on one of the next flights out of Bali, so they could catch another flight back to the states. Even though the tickets were booked and purchased through Delta, Delta Representatives said that they weren't able to assist them.? Both airlines did not extend their customer service to the party of 4, leaving them to fend for themselves. The stress of the flight being cancelled, trying to figure out their options, and the thousands of dollars extra; because neither airline took responsibility to assist their customers.

It seems strange that others traveling with this party of 4 booked through Expedia and had not taken out any travel insurance, but yet Delta bent over backwards to assist them with their rescheduling/booking with no additional charges.

Where's the customer loyalty and compassion? Virgin Australia and Delta should reach out to the party of 4 and make this horrible situation, right.

I've contacted Delta, and again they're saying it wasn't their flight and there's nothing they can do. (Even though the original booking and payment was made through them.) There's got to be or needs to be somewhere travelers can go help and/or be compensated for lack of customer service by their carrier(s) when there flight(s) are cancelled. Most travelers don't have money to purchase new tickets or other means of transportation to get them home.
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I really don't follow this. Are you saying that you were ticketed through Delta, on Delta ticket stock (the ticket number starts with 006) on a single ticket for each passenger from MSP to Bali and back and Virgin cancelled their flight to SYD and refused to help you with alternate arrangements?

Did you check in in time for the flight? There must be something missing because the way you describe it is unbelievable and VERY illegal. Did you leave something out?
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Default Party of 4 Stranded in Bali

Yes, their e-tickets were issued by Delta, and they begin with 006.

The Delta Representative in Bali said they were not responsible because it was a Virgin Australia flight that was cancelled not a Delta flight from Bali to Sydney.

I get it that it was Virgin Australia flight, but the tickets were booked, purchased, and paid for all segments directly to Delta.

Delta and/or Virgin Australia should of taken care of the 4 passengers.
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And what exactly did Virgin say to you and all the other passengers on flight 64 to Sydney when they cancelled the flight?
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The funny thing here is that that flight fly's Friday, Sat Sun and Mon of EVERY week, hass done for a long time and is still flying this weekend. EXCEPT that it didn't fly on a single day on the weekend of the 7, 8, 9 and 10th of Aug which is really weird. When and how did you find out that the flight had been cancelled? Did you actually arrive at the airport?
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