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Default A Trip from Hell Courtesy of Delta Air Lines

My wife and I had a wonderful Greek Isle Cruise and enjoyed Venice during the trip. Looking forward to going home our entire trip was ruined courtesy of Delta Air Line. Upon arriving at Venice Airport at 8:30AM for our 11:30AM flight we were greeted with a 6 hour delay. I was then refused entrance into the Skymiles lounge even though I'm a Crown Room Member. So we spent over 9 hours in the Airport. Once on the plane we were greeted with the pilot telling us the plane had aux. power problems and we would be delayed another hour and would end up flying closer to Iceland just in case. In case of what a water landing? Upon arriving late in JFT over 300 passengers were greeted with 1 Delta represenative to provide rebooked tickets, hotel vouchers and meal vouchers. Some people waited over an hour. We kinda got lucky and got our bags fast but then found out it would take over an hour to get the hotel shuttle to the Ramada Inn. Yes, the Ramada Inn. I'll get to that in a minute. We took a cab and glad we did becuase folks in our group who waited on the shuttele ended up not getting a room. Yes, Delta sent passenger to the hotel knowing the hotel did not have enough rooms. Now to the hotel. What a dump!. This Ramada Inn Airport at JFK was not fit for humans. Roaches in the bathroom, disgusting carpeting, curtains with stains and as an added benefit hairs on the bathroom towels. Did I mention when we arrived at the hotel the line was 50 deep and it took us an hout to get a room key. The hotel had one person working the front desk. So we got into our disgusting room at 11:00PM and lovely Delta rebooked us on a 6:00AM flight so we got a 3:30AM wake up call. Of course no shuttle to get the the airport. Delta was so generous the gave us a meal voucher for dinner and breakfast for the next day of $14! Yes, $14 for two meals for two people. That works out to a generous $3.50 per meal. Upon arriving at JFK we found over 10 folks from our group sleeping on the terminal floor becuase no rooms were available for them.
Oh, I forgot to mention the Ramada Inn would not allow my wife and I to get a sandwich and take it to our rooom. They said we had to order room service. So we did? For a Chicken Sandwich and a Hamburger with two waters they wanted $45.00? The only good news was it would take over an hour and we were too tired so I hung up the phone. Worked out good becuase once I say the roaches in the bathroom I was glad I did not eat any of their food.

Delta should be ashamed of what they did to customers who paid for the simple service of traveling from point A to point B. Delta we don't know how to fly and it shows!

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