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Default Air Canada or United?

We called United to book our trip from Newark to Calgary. We booked seats for departing and return. However, when we called to confirm the day before the trip : we had no seat assignments! What United said was: call Air Canada. What Air Canada said was: call United. My husband and I were not sitting together after making this reservation 3 months in advance (with seats). Phone service by both airlines terrible. The airline counter was just as bad. I just wanted to let people know how United and Air Canada work together. Lray
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This one I'm most familiar with because I've done it or have been rebooked on them, but United is operating as codeshare for Air Canada who is the carrier. Your issue here is with Air Canada mostly since they are the carrier and can lock in the seats. But eventhough you guys booked the seats in advanced, the seats are never a guarantee on any airline, though you may say "I've done it in the past and this has never happened before", trust me it can and does happen quite often. The best that you can do is lock in seats as close as you can 24 hours in advance and then try your best to get better seats at the gate when the flight is closed. That is usually when the held seats are released (no shows, last minute cancellations, misconnects, etc)

The ticket counter can't help you because they are limited to just checking you in, the gate has a better chance of getting you the seats but only if someone is willing to switch. I've gotten that call to the gate for "an important message" only to be told someone wants my seat so they can sit with someone else. If it's a parent separated from their kid, sure I would do it all th etime. But if its an adult who is separated from another adult, who is not disabled, then no dice. It's the seat i locked in 24 hours ahead, and it's where my butt will stay planted. p

Next time if you cannot lock it in online, just wait until you get to the gate and try your best to get two seats together that way.
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Air Canada should not have referred you to United. The only thing that this flight had of United's was the flight number. I'm guessing they didn't have two seats together and so they tried to pass you off to United. The ticket counter would only be able to assign you seats if there were some that were not pre-reserved. At about 20 minutes prior to departure when the gate releases pre-reserved seats for customers that haven't checked in, then they would possibly be able to accomodate you. If however everyone is checked in, then they would not have any seats to change you to. Pre-reserved seat assignments are requests only and can be changed by the airline.
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I know this is an old post but if anyone happens to view it, this is how codeshare agreements work. The carrier that issued your ticket is responsible for all aspects of the service. UA contracts with Air Canada to sell tickets on our flights, seat selection may or may not be something they choose to do. UA has the ability to do seating where they provide it. It's much easier to tell you to go to the operating carrier for seats because it makes sense - but we have set aside seats for them to use and we don't have access to them. Within 24 hrs ALL seats are available to everyone when you use Web Checkin for the carrier operating the flight. Get a record locator for the operating carrier and use their Web Checkin (in this case AC) on their website.
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Further to previous post
Heres the routine:
Bought Ticket on UA - flight operated by AC:
more than 24 hrs prior = UA does seating
24 hrs or less = get AC record locator(call AC) then go to AC website and use Web Checkin at aircanada.com
(seats are restricted to Airport assignment only(call centre can't assign) - but Web Checkin bypasses that and you can assign your own seats assigment, indicate baggage, and print boarding cards)
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Default Never Again

I havent flown with Air Canada for over 10 years because of rude service, bad food, and sudden changes in seats ect. After 10 years I recently gave them another chance. Same thing all over again Stewardesses with a "I'm union what are you going to do about it attitude", price gouging (75.00 for seat selection), outrageous fees for changing return dates ect. I'm sick and stranded on the other side of the world and they want to gouge me to get home. When the travel biz is good they gouge customers, when its bad they cry to the government and public for bailouts. Screw you Air Canada .....never again.
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Thanks 4 this post.

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