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FrancesLasVegas 9:01 PM Feb 22, 2010
Below is a copy of a complaint sent to Department of Transportation's Aviation Consumer Protection Division.

Delta Airlines cancelled our flight# DL4953 claiming that it was due to weather on Feb. 12, 2010. After checking weather forecast for all three relevant locations, on Feb. 13 2010, it was clearly shown that no inclement weather was reported at either of the locations. During this episode, Delta Airlines was completely unreachable for approximately 4 days with only an automated recording which stated, “due to weather we are unable to answer your call” or busy signal.

With the help of Orbitz.com whose customer service representative stayed on the line with us for over two hours and got us "rebooked" from JFK New York on 02/15/10.

Delta took no responsibility at any point what so ever during this occurrence. Not only did they cancel the original flight, reluctantly rebooked us from New York; more than a hundred miles away from our original point of departure. They did not even adjust our return to be back to New York to bring some sort of symmetry to our travel.

On the way back, the flight from Atlanta was again delayed by more than an hour this time due to a sick flight attendant.

The point of contention I have is that not only the original flight cancelation was under false and incorrect pretences; the consequent behavior of Delta Airlines in managing the aftermath was totally and completely lacking any professionalism or concern for their customers and the additional financial and emotional burden experienced by us.

Upon our return from the trip we tried to contact Delta again and were rebuked by their customer service department via case #825517. In an equally disgusting manner we were offered a voucher for $25 to compensate for all the turmoil experienced at the hands of Delta Airlines.

At this point the behavior from Delta demands that FAA investigates this occurrence and bring a closure to this issue with a justified solution
wkharris2001 11:30 PM Feb 22, 2010
Feb 12 was the day the huge snow storm went through the Southeast United states.
Cicero 11:42 PM Feb 22, 2010
It's Delta.. give up and bad mouth them to all and sundry. Don't fly with them again.

It is the only solution.. Delta does not need to please customers to stay in business. They operate monopolies in fortress hubs, hide behind bankruptcy to rip off suppliers, employees and customers and emerge larger and stronger than before by bribing politicians. Customers do not figure in their thinking..

They also have a remarkable ability to hire employees of the lowest intelligence, worst attitude and with underlying anger problems... writing, calling or emailing them will make not a jot of difference.

I had a bad experience with Delta years ago and I'm still receiving therapy. I come on this site to rant a little and when I do I can miss a session of therapy.

Unethical and bankruptcy are my favorite words in talking about Delta.

What do you say, my judicial pal from Thailand?
FrancesLasVegas 11:49 PM Feb 22, 2010
If a snow storm hit on Feb 12 why cancel the next day when weather forecast shows condition to be clear and sunny. Delta did not try to reschedule our flight. We could not get through to a live person to help us. If not for the help of a third party agency who showed us perfessionalism and curtesy. This type of service should have been provide by Delta Airlines.

Noteing that you are a Delta Airline employee responding to my complaint against your employor. I wanted to say that the flight crew was very pleasant during our flights. I guess my frustration is more with company's policy or lack of one to help passengers in our situation.
Gromit801 12:47 AM Feb 23, 2010
Ripple effect. Delta aircraft were probably out of position due to the huge storm. The aircraft you were probably to have boarded was still stuck at an airport in the Southeast somewhere. Same applied to LOTS of flights.

Most flights follow a route, say for example New York-Washington DC-Atlanta, and back to New York. That's just an example, I don't know your flight's route. So if the actual aircraft you were to fly on was stuck in Atlanta, the other two legs of the route fall. Airlines don't have the money to keep spare planes at airports. Sometimes that happens, but it's a lucky exception.

Chances are thousands of Delta passengers were clamoring for rebooking across the country.
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