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Thumbs down Allegiant Air

Dear Allegiant Air,

I have tried to contact your corporate office numerous times over the course of the last month. I have yet to speak with anyone in your corporate office. Every time I call, I am told your corporate office is closed or that the office is in the process of moving. I am resorting to emailing you about my unfortunate situation.

On April 20th I boarded flight #934 leaving Knoxville, TN @ 8:25pm to Ft. Lauderdale. About 20 minutes into the flight we started to smell smoke. There was smoke coming out of the vents into the cabin and people started to panic. The flight attendents were hectic trying to find out where it was coming from but we could all see the smoke was coming out of all of our air vents. The older woman flight attendant looked at the passengers next to me when they asked her what was happening and said, "Oh no, not again... this happened on this same plane last week!" You can imagine the panic level on the plane after hearing this. The woman sitting next to me is crying, her husband is hugging her trying to calm her, people behind me are shouting "oh my god... smoke... oh my god!" The pilot comes over the speakers and tells us that he is aware of the "smoke situation" and is turning the flight around and heading back to Knoxville. He says he thinks its an electrical fire in the air conditioning!!! How does he know this when he's flying the plane? The plane whips around erratically making me believe that this indeed is a very bad situation. We fly back sitting in a smoke filled cabin with NO OXYGEN MASKS, with no one telling us what to do, with no clue what's happening or what is going to happen!!!! I have COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and sitting in any smoke makes breathing for me impossible. I couldn't find an attendant at this point because they were panicing themselves at the front near the cockpit. I used my t-shirt to mask my face and burried my face in the pillow I brought and began to cry thinking that my family is going to take yet another death very hard since my mother had been killed just a couple of years prior. We land on the runway with fire trucks surrounding us but still we're NOT getting off the plane... but instead, the pilot decides to taxi us to a gate because he "thinks" the fire on the plane is out! We all got off the plane safely and began our 4 HOUR waiting period for another plane just to find out that the jetway was broken and we'd have to board the so-very-late plane from the emergency exit in the back. 2:45am touchdown in Ft. Lauderdale, thank god.... but wait, we all get to sit on the plane longer because your stellar airline has decided to let us know about vouchers you're going to hand out for making us think we were going to die and holding us hostage! $25 per person is what you offered! A slap in the face!

I have told every person I have met and know about this experience and I plan to tell more. I am going to copy this email to the local news in FL and also the governing agencies that regulate air travel. I have never in my life been so affraid and then have someone follow that fear with such a huge insult. I paid $104 for my flight. I guess my business is only worth $25 to you.

Please Allegiant Air... get it together... fires on planes, no one home at your corporate office, using planes that your staff knows have problems, horrible customer service............. How are you going to fix it?

By the way,
I took video of some of the ordeal as did other passengers!

Seriously ******,
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Horrible experience!
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the way the pilots know whether the fire is out is the instruments in the flight deck. the oxygen masks dont just drop because of a fire, and the oxygen located above your seat is only for 12 min. per person, if it would have become more dense smoke where it was getting to the point of not being able to breathe, the f/a's would have notified the flight deck and they can automatically deploy those. you should have (especially if you felt like you couldn't breathe) ring that call button, over and over until a flight attendant came up to you and tell him/her that you have copd, they could have done something for you, portable oxygen bottle or a wet towel. (i was a flight attendant) people yelling doesn't help the situation, with a crew of 3 1 flight attendant must find and fight the fire, the second one HAS to be up near the flight deck to communicate with them and the 3rd needs to keep passengers calm, the way this is sounding, these flight attendants didn't do a very good job.

the jetbridge not working is not allegiants fault so deplaning from the back, unless you want to stay on was the only way to get out. and waiting 4 hours...wouldn't you rather have a different plane than getting on the previous one with smoke?

i dont agree with the $25 voucher, you should have been given much more than that, without a doubt. i would call and try to get more.

ive flown allegiant many times and have always had great flights, you get the good flights and you get the bad flights. just dont let anyone know if you taped this incident and you were below 10,000ft, thats breaking a law, and will get you nowhere.
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I agree with Corbel in that they should be giving you more (in fact a refund should be in order) and that the flight attendants should have acted better.

I will say however that the plane flying erratically might scare the crap out of you even more at the time, but the objective at that point is to land NOW!! This means you are going to have tis type of flying - they are going to descend very quickly, and may have to make some sharp turns to get to the airport they are trying to land at.
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I talk to a flight attendant friend about this, she told me that if there is smoke in the cabin they would not deploy the oxygen masks cause if there is a fire this could add oxygen to the fire and we all know fires thrive on oxygen, so the masks would have made this a more dangerous situation if there was fire somewere. She also said that the little generators that provide the oxygen get hot and could add to the smoke and fire hazard.
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Actually the second part of that is not exactly true. The generators do get very hot, but the area they are placed in are designed to take the heat, otherwise you would have a fire risk if they were deployed during a decompression, as they are designed to do.

The problem I have found is the flight attendants seem to be "experts" on a lot of things that they know little about when it comes to the technical side of things.

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