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COMPLAINT: Belligerent American Airline Curbside Employee

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Old Nov 10, 2008, 11:45 PM
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Date of Occurrence: November 9, 2008
Place of Occurrence: American Airlines – Miami Airport

On returning home from a fantastic business trip, I encountered an obnoxious, belligerent “Curbside employee” at American Airlines in Miami. After a long business week, the trip had taken it toll on me physically. By the time I reach American Airlines in Miami, and carrying my heavy luggage, I was feeling really bad with a sore throat, and minor chest pains.

Arriving at the curbside check-in, I could not tell where the line began or ended. I
went to the side of a check-in employee, named DIJOUR FRANDEAU. I was
waiting until he finished with a customer so I could ask him a question. All of
sudden he turned toward me and starting ranting and raging like a mad dog forming
at the mouth.

He stuck his finger in my face and shouted, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!

At this point I was in shock and felt threaten. I looked at his waist to see if
he was carrying a gun. My mind was racing thinking he was about to physically
harm me. I was temporarily frozen with shock. Because I did not move
quickly, he continues to yell at me pointing his finger violently in my face.

Finally, I said in a NON-confrontational tone, “I’m sorry I did not know where
the line begins or ends,” and walked away from him as fast as I could go. By then
the pain in my chest got worst and I was scare I was having a heart attack.

I glance back and, Mr. DIJOUR FRANDEAU, walk a little way after me still shouting
loud with his hand waving in the air and shouted, ANY FOOL WITH COMMON SENSE CAN TELL WHERE THE LINE BEGINS!

I was frighten and humiliated in front of other passengers.

I started crying and composed myself as much as I could and went to another
Check-in employee to check my luggage and get my boarding pass so that I could catch my flight.
If I had more time I wanted to find Mr. Dijour Frandeau’s boss so that I could inform him of this barbaric man behavior.

And yes, I was fortunate to get his name while being waited on by another check-in employee, Mr. Dijour Frandeau, walked over
to that employee to talk to him about something and that’s when I looked at his ID with his name on it and secretly wrote it down.
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