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Allegiant Air Complaints>Dear Allegiant Air: Learn customer service
wzsjo 5:03 PM Dec 29, 2012
On Dec. 27th a severe Nor'easter storm hit New England. Most people in the Northeast knew about it. 198 people were scheduled to fly Allegiant from St. Pete, FL to Bangor, Maine. All of us checked the flight 874, which was not cancelled or even delayed. Most of us had rides to the airport from very far away, and the people picking us up at our destination, Maine, were driving through a severe snowstorm to meet us. The Departure screen at St. Pete airport said the flight was delayed. Even though 30 minutes earlier the allegiant website said On Time. Our rides left. We went through security checks. Two minutes later at the GATE, the attendant said the flight was cancelled. Gave us a little piece of paper with a phone number. There was no further information about that flight at that phone number, on the website, or on the live chat site until the next morning. Allegiant, do you have all of three people updating your flight time boards, your websites and your phone attendants? Not a budget airline, Allegiant charges as much as US Air, or United for the same destinations. With Allegiant you get to pay $35. per carry-on bag, $40. to choose a seat, and $2.-$7. for water, coke, or a snack. Say no to Allegiant.
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