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Virgin Atlantic Complaints>Very poor Customer service
Alan Margolis 12:44 PM Feb 15, 2017
I paid over 3000.00 for two Upper Class tickets for a London/Orlando flight.

I informed special services that as I was suffering from Bladder Cancer I would need speedy access to the bathrooms. We booked Upper Class because there were only some 14-16 other Upper Class passenger to compete with. On both the outward and return flight to London I had to compete with both premium economy and economy passengers who were lining up to use the Upper Class bathrooms during the 10 hour flight. I almost sufferede an embarassing accident!!!
Despsite my complaints to Virgin they 'fobbed' me off with a variety of lame excuses such as 'we cannot guard the bathrooms all the time' and refused to accept my suggestions of an announcement at the begininng of the flight and put notices on the Upper Class bathrooms restricting use to Upper Class Passengers. The issue simply is that thet have maximised seats in all areas and minimised bathrooms soley for addition profit and not for Customers' comfort.
Phinu 2:02 PM Feb 16, 2017
Should this not be about Virgin Atlantic? Virgin America does not fly to Europe.
Alan Margolis 2:47 PM Feb 16, 2017
You are correct!

The complaint is about VIRGIN ATLANTIC!!!!!

Many thanks for pointing out my error.

Complaint about them still stands tho!!
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