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Delta Air Lines Complaints>Racial Profiling by Delta Ailines - MUST STOP NOW!
atefbandary 10:03 PM Jun 7, 2017
Hello, my name is Atef, I am Egyptian American live in Palm Springs CA I would like to share my story with everyone of how badly I was treated by Delta Airlines crew and Salt Lake City Utah Police department based on wrong asupmtion. I was travelling from Buenos Aires, Argentina back to Palm Springs CA, . the flight was from Buenos Aires, to Atlanta, GA to Salt Lake City, Utah, and then to Palm Springs CA.....on the way from Atlanta to Salt Lake City it was Delta flight 1105 dated 5/29/2015., I had to go to the bathroom few times because of diarhea and medical codition. one passenger followed me every time I went to the bathroom , that passenger was later know as he is a working pilot for Delta Airlines and who testified at the court that he followed me several times, because of "my strange look as he said, and because of my color and he asked the flight attendats to look me up in the passenger manifist, once they found that I had an Arabic name, then he asked them to run extensive back ground check on me while i was on the plane, i have my full story at my web site www.atefbandary.com, I was flasely acused, I was on probation for two years that I had to report to a probation officer twice a month, i couldnt travel any where, my passport was taken from me..I was hancuffed and beaten by the flight attendants because they were aftraid that I was a terrorist. my only witness was with me on the plane, and he described them the way surrounding me and beaten me up and hancuffing me that it rminded him of the movie Airplane....all that happened to me because of my name, race, and look..I am so scared that could happen to me again because I cannt change my name or race or look. i am so afraid every time I hear airplane. I am so hurt of being acused of that ugly thing as a terrorist, its horrible acusation, I never like to hurt or to see any one hurt, never in my life.I prey for love and piece and acceptance from all of us to all of us.
please subscribe to my video. best regards and God bless all.

Tags:delta airlines harrasment, in-flight racism, racial profiling, racism
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