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COMPLAINT: Etihad - misleading info & poor service

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Old Oct 17, 2011, 5:22 PM
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Recently, I booked an economy return flight to Sydney, having learned that Etihad had recently changed their rules, that mean economy passengers can now use their "guest miles" to upgrade to business. I planned to book my upgrade in the first week of October. However, I was told by an Etihad customer service agent, that I should wait until after October 9th, as the number of airmiles required to upgrade were likely to be more favourable after that date. At the same time, I received an e-mail from Etihad stating that, "The mileage values for upgrading from Coral Economy to Pearl Business Class and from Pearl Business to Diamond First class will be amended effective 09 October 2011. In most cases, you will be able to upgrade the class of your travel using fewer Etihad Guest Miles from then on". As a consequence of both the conversation and the e-mail, I waited until 10th October to request my upgrade. However, on calling the service centre, I learned that precisely because I had waited until after 9th October, the same upgrade was going to cost me many more miles than it would have done the week before. The result is I no longer have enough miles to upgrade the 3 segements I had planned to upgrade, and I feel rather cheated and misled by Etihad.

To make matters worse, when I tried to complain to the customer service advisor and her supervisor, both said they had no power to do anything. I complainted by e-mail, and was given an 0800 number to call, which no longer exists. I was also given an Etihad e-mail address which just bounced back as it no longer exists. On finally getting a response from Guest Services, they just restated that I should go online to check the mileage calculator - which just confirms what I already know. Having made another complaint 5 days ago by e-mail - I've received no response. I then tried to sumbit feedback via their website tool - but there is a fault with it, and it doesn't let you actually send the feedback. I've tried so many channels - this is my last hope!

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Old Oct 25, 2011, 6:59 PM
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Just a quick update on the above...

Despite being given yet another Etihad e-mail address to write to (this time a twitter one), I find that almost a week later, I still have no response. Having almost given up getting any response from Etihad to my original complaint, I called guest services today to upgrade those segments of my journey I still have enough miles for. Big mistake!

I gave up with my first 2 calls, as after being on hold for 15 minutes, I still hadn't spoken to an agent. On the 3rd call, I was told I had come through to the wrong "queue" and that they would get the right team to call me back. They never did. Calling again much later in the day, I finally got through to someone, but they clearly didn't know how to process a simple upgrade transaction, and put me on hold for 15 minutes before I hung up. On my final call of the day - it took the agent 40 minutes to finally process the simple upgrade transaction.

This evening, I thought I would book my seat and my chauffeur for the flight. Surprise Surprise - this part of the website doesn't work and doesn't recognise my booking (despite the fact that when I log on and check my itinerary, the details are clearly there).

Does nothing work with Etihad?!?! At least half of the things I've tried to do on the website don't work, the customer service agents don't know what they are doing, and nobody ever replies to customer complaints by e-mail.

I would encourage anyone reading this to avoid Etihad. Next time I will go back to using Emirates!
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Old Sep 11, 2012, 7:50 PM
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I agree with you... Recently my wife with three kids were boarding (on sep 4th,2012) Ethihad flight and found one of the luggage were two kg more than the allowed 23kg. Staff on the counter compelled my wife to pay over-luggaged package amount. My wife was trying to explain her that she will remove the two kgs and transfer to our hand carrying bag that only had 3kgs. She confused my wife that she won't allow to take the carry-on if she move stuff from luggage to carry-on. she regret that she unnecessarily paid over-luggaged fee ($50) even-though she had less weight on the carry-on. The lady on the counter acted like an airport authority. We decided that we never ever again fly with Etihad.
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