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Default Emirates - Horrific Service

Hey peeps,

I need some help, if possible. I recently booked flights for myself and my wife to travel from Manchester Airport , via Dubai, to Karachi, Pakistan.

When I booked my tickets I was told that if I needed to change the outgoing or incoming dates for my flights I could do this with no problems. The reason I asked about this was because I wasn't too sure on dates for certain events so I went ahead and booked the flights and paid over £1000 for the pair of tickets.

I've recently had the need to change the date that I am flying from Manchester, I need to change it about five or six days ahead due to other travel issues I have.

I firstly contacted my travel agent and they told me I would have to pay an extra £275 per ticket, so that's another, nearly, £600 on top of the money i've already paid. Hearing this I was shocked.

So I then contacted the Emirates "Global Contact Centre" and spoke to an agent there who was rude and very aggressive over the phone. He said he wasn't willing to even listen to what I needed to do as the flight was booked through a travel agent. I then asked to speak to a manager and he put some other agent on the phone and said he was a "supervisor". This second agent was again rude and very unprofessional, kept speaking over me and shouting at me down the phone and then told me that there are no managers available as they are on the night shift, which is a total lie as in a call centre there has to be a manager present?

I then asked for him to get a manager to call me back when the following day (Sunday just gone) and i'm still waiting for the call back.

How can such a big airline get away with charging so much for changing a single date?

Can someone please help me and let me know what I need to do or if there is anything I can do to get my dates changed as I am currently due to flight out in about 2 weeks time.

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Originally Posted by smaqbool View Post
When I booked my tickets I was told that if I needed to change the outgoing or incoming dates for my flights I could do this with no problems.
What does this mean? What constitutes a problem? No problems for who? I assure you, Emirates has no problem with you paying additional charges and fees. Who made the statement that there would be no problems in changing your flight? It appears, from your post, that this was the travel agency. If this is the case, your complaint would be with them. Were any change fees/fare differences an explicit element of the conversation, i.e., in saying that there would be "no problems" was it clearly understood by the travel agency that such additional expense would be a problem? If yes, then you may have a valid complaint with the travel agency.

I think, assuming you must, that you should change the reservation through the travel agency. You have more leverage with the travel agency than you do with Emirates. If you are unable to negotiate the change for an acceptable (or zero) additional cost, then you can attempt to recover the additional charges from them. I don't know, but I suppose that there are organizations similar to the BBB in the travel agency's location with whom you can file a complaint against the travel agency. Such a complaint may be taken seriously by the travel agency, particularly if it is a small business. You can also dispute any additional charges with your credit card. Your position in the dispute will be stronger if you can document that "no problems" meant no additional charges, but you can file a dispute regardless. Just state the you are disputing the charge on the basis of your understanding of the change policy as presented by the travel agency. You may find that filing a dispute results in the travel agency becoming somewhat more amenable to your demands. Be aware that the dispute will be with the business that actually submitted the charge, if this is Emirates you will utimately lose the dispute as Emirates will be able to cite their contract of carriage to justify the additional charges.

Don't expect any help from Emirates. Granting that they don't have to be unpleasant in speaking with you, you are asking them to honor a vague statement made by a third party who is not an Emirates employee. While they can waive the additional charge if they wish, you can't reasonably expect them to do so.

Be carerul about disputing this before you complete your travel ... an open dispute might result in Emirates refusing to honor the ticket.

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Thanks for the advice The FAA, appreciated.

Yes it was the travel agency who said there would be no additional charges. I simply asked if I needed to change any dates before or after travel would that incur any charges, the only charge he told me about was a change of date on the return leg which would be about £75, on the travel date he said there won't be any charges if you want to change it.

The reason I asked this at the time of booking was because I knew I may need to change the date going and/or returning due to other commitments.

I don't expect Emirates to do anything about it to be honest, the mistake is on the side of the travel agent who told me there wouldn't be any charges. I spoke again to Emirates who said they can't deal with the issue as it was booked through a travel agent, they can only change the date after the departure date, so for the return flights.

Thanks for your advice and help again. Much appreciated.

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I agree with FAA..this is definitely a travel agency problem. You have the option of complaining formally to the agency specifying what they told you. Many people in this situation have misunderstand how the system works. It may be, for example, that Emirates charge a change fee of £75, but in addition you also have to pay any difference in fare between the fare at the time you booked and the fare on the day you made a change. This should have been explained to you by the agent. If you get no response from them, you can escalate your complaint to the Association of British Travel Agents who operate an arbitration scheme. You can write to them at

30 Park Street

This dispute has nothing to do with Emirates and you will not resolve it before travel. I suggest you pay, travel and follow up on your complaint afterwards. If you attempt to cancel and re-book it is likely to cost you considerably more.

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Dear OP,

I will do my best to play Devil's Advocate here so kindly excuse any bias in either direction.

In regards to your complaint, I will ditto all previous posters and also add that all airlines, regardless of size follow two common guidelines and it is in the passengers best interest to read these and know them. The first is the Terms and Conditions and the second is the Conditions of Carriage. While your agent may have given a vague guarantee of a free change however in reality quite a few airlines operate a fee system for date changes and for refunds of tickets and some airlines may offer neither on certain selected fares or all fares. It is in the customers interest to read the fare conditions before booking and ask the agent to also tell you the fare conditions, it is common sense and anything less is just negligent on your part.

In regards to the rude service, I will not say this is common practice in EK as many experiences I have had have been positive, both airside, groundside and inflight, however this does not excuse poor customer service directed towards you by EK call centre staff. I would raise a complaint by using Emirates complaint form under the Contact Us section on their website and they are pretty decent about replying quickly if you make it known that your problem is serious and needs immediate attention by a concerned person.

Again as I am new and I am not very familiar on the essence of playing Devil's Advocate, kindly excuse any bias in any direction. I have simply looked and answered your post neutrally.
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QUOTE When I booked my tickets I was told that if I needed to change the outgoing or incoming dates for my flights I could do this with no problems. UNQUOTE

Your travel agent is right and the airline is also right.

A free date change allows you to change your ticket to another date in the same class of travel. If seats in the same travel class are not available, then of course you will have to pay a different fare to travel in a different travel class. So the airline is not charging you a date change penalty - it is charging you the fare difference for a higher travel class.

Economy class has almost a dozen travel classes. As more people book, cheaper travel class tickets get taken, and the next available travel class must be bought.

Whether you should have known this, or relied entirely on your travel agent to explain this to you, I don't know. You seem to be able to read and write English. Emirates fare conditions and general conditions are not hard to find. (Anyway, the above is common sense).

When will people start taking some personal responsibility and stop blaming everyone else but themselves?
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Default Complaint Regarding Emirates Airline


You must have brought this fact directly to the officials of Emirate flight rather than talking to the travel agent. They have already mentioned in there site http://www.qwiknumbers.com/emirates-contact-number on this subject which I am enumerating below:-

"You can change your destination or origin,or add and remove stopovers, or change the dates and timings of your flight.All these changes can be made through the ‘change my booking’ link in Manage a Booking.If you cannot see the ‘change my booking’ link, please contact your local Emirates Office.There may be a fee associated with making changes to your booking depending on the fare conditions of your ticket."

Two months back when I booked my seat for Switzerland, my program was cancelled and I want to extend the date of my visit , I called Emirates Airline customer service and they forwarded my call to the concerned department and after hearing me, they solved my problem.
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