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Default Worst service on Emirates

Below is my experience (nightmare) traveling on your so called esteemed airline...
I was traveling on the Emirates A380 flight 203 from Dubai to Jfk on the 13th of July 2015 (seta no 43B) with my 18 month old infant. First of all while booking my tickets I was told I could not buy a seat for my child until he was 2 years old, so what do u think would be my next option if I'm travelling with a baby on such a long flight.... Get a bassinet!!!!! Well that is what I did I requested a bassinet for my little one... The minute I got on the flight I was told I could not have a bassinet. I mean what do u mean I cannot have a bassinet I have a baby with me and u can't expect me to Carry him for 13 n a half hours. I must have requested about 25 times to get a bassinet to only keep hearing the same thing... Im sorry mam,even upto my neighbor thought how could they do this to someone with a baby.... DO U even wonder what that felt like.... One of the air hostesses initially said il see what I can do to make it better.... But the minute we were airborne she disappeared for 5 or 6 hours. My son fell asleep on me so I couldn't even move an inch.... There was no where to keep his things cause they would be rolling all over if they were on the floor and the little pouch was far and difficult to reach since he was sleeping on me...i had to put my iPad on my back, one of his bottles under the right side of my arm and another on the other.. Just incase my son needed his milk while he was asleep.....

I even requested to be moved to a normal seat so that I could get the use of the table and the seat pocket in front of me. They couldn't even do that....
While i fell asleep one of the air hostesses came to give me my baby's food tray and over heard her telling the passenger next to me to give this to me when I wake up... I mean if u see that I have fallen asleep with a baby on my arms unable to pull out the tray on the side can't u just give it when I'm awake and when my baby is awake.

I'd requested her to give it to me later.. She says I'm sorry but I can't cause I'd have to re heat it and then It's not good to re heat second time.... Its gonna spoil... So r u telling me ur giving me food of such grade that it's gonna spoil when u reheat it... Im sorry but that what I expected from an Emirates A380
And secondly where must I keep it..... On my HEAD!????????

Then comes the guy with my meal... I mean how do u expect me to pull out the tray when I have a baby sleeping on me to keep my food tray.. And how do u expect me to eat while my baby is on me...... So again I tell him find me another seat or help me with a bassinet so I can keep my son in it even if it's just for him to sit in it when he's awake. Or to even keep a few of his things so I have easy access to them.... Again there was a sorry mam but we cannot.....
The only thing he could do was to keep my food tray aside for me to have later... Which they don't even have the courtesy to come and ask u... Ma'am would u like to eat now or can we help u!!!!!!

After a few hours of sitting in one place without being able to use the restroom or get anything to eat I asked another air hostess for an extra pillow so I could put on my back or under my arm.. He comes back and says sorry ma'am but we don't have any pillows... I mean r u ****ing kidding me.. Im on an a 380 and u have no pillows left..... How can u even say that to me right now!!!! R u crazy!!!
I was almost in tears!!! I'm sorry to say but that is not expected from annnnyyy airline much less Emirates especially if I'm with an infant... Ur supposed to give me assistance when I ask and in need of it... Just because u give me a toy for my child does not mean service.!!!!
Someone told me that u won't get on any airline what u get on Emirates!!!!! Ur damn right I don't think any airline would give such a bad service after seeing that I'm with a Infant.. If I had gotten a business class ticket I'm sure u would not have treated me this way... Well let me tell you, I paid more than usd$2000 for my ticket and I expect as much service as someone would in business class... U guys better get ur act together.... This email is going to be published on all social media so that people know what to expect when they fly Emirates!!!!!

i expect to be fairly compensated for this torture wch i had to endure, failing which i shall not hesitate to file a law suit against u guys, U don't have the right to treat customers like animals stuffed in an animal truck…we r paying u for the service, u r not doing us a favor by giving it to us.
emirates, horrible, infant, longflight, never again

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