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Default ...what?

my brother and I were taking a trip last year to California from North Carolina. we arrived to the airport terminal quite late however they were kinda enough to wait for us but I'm sure they were really just delayed or something but not for sure. the person working there said Michael Ho? David Ho? which were our names and by your guess we are Asian. Korean Americans (remember this) so we went on to the plane and put away our luggage and took our seats. then during the emergency exit/ safety part, one of the flight attendance asked us if we spoke English. dumbfounded at first I responded "...what?" and said "of course I English". I know that this isn't a big deal however its quite insulting in a sense. I've flown with Delta for maybe most of my life and was never ever asked If i spoke English. nor have my mother or my father. Also I let things go such as delayed flight and canceled flights before which seems to happen every flight that I take with them as far back as I can remember. I can understand that he wanted us to know how to open a emergency door but still...
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Listen Marine,

You have to understand English to sit in an emergency row. That is an FAA rule. So they were right to ask you, because you have to understand the directions they given you on how to open the door. They only ask the people in these rows because of its importance.


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