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Default Damaged luggage, no one waiting with wheelchair

Northwest is the worst airline that I have traveled on. We had a new piece of luggage and they managed to knock one of the feet loose. We had one, that had only been used once before, the leg was broken off of it. they appear to be uncaring. They don't treat elderly passengers much better. we were in Detroit,last year, to catch a connecting flight. An elderly lady,who spoke broken English and had some difficulty walking was put on a transfer tram with us. She was told that there would be someone waiting for her at her dropoff with a wheelchair. We got to her point ,no one was waiting outside with a wheelchair, I mentioned this to the driver of the tram and he was nasty with his reply. We got her off the tram,walked inside the temminal and lo and behold there was a person inside with a wheelchair. they wouldn't come outside with it. She had to walk inside to get to it. The driver had a radio for communication purposes but he wouldn't do anything to help. This lady was not even a relative of ours or traveling with us. We just were concerned that she wouldn't get to her plane or be taken care of as needed. I choose not to travel with Northwest if at all possible.

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