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Default Letter to AA unanswered...still waiting for refund.

Please find the attached copy of a letter I sent as dirrected by American Airlines ticketing agent. Almost three months have passed and I haven't even had a response to my letter. If this is the way all of American Airlines customers are treated then I understand way the airline is suffering financially.

P.O. BOX 582880, MD755
TULSA, OK 74158-2880
Attn: Passenger Refunds

Re: Ticket #’s 0012141493135 and 0012141493136

As directed by one of your ticketing agents I am writing this request for a ticket refund.
On October 10th of 2005 I purchased round trip tickets for my wife and I to fly to Bermuda from New York City on November 28, 2005. On October 25, 2005 due to damage from Hurricane Wilma we had to cancel our trip. Besides the long clean up process and having to repair our home, we also had to move our mother who is diabetic from Hollywood Florida to Naples Florida to live with us. She lost most of her roof in the Hurricane and needless to say we canceled our vacation plans.
When I called American Airlines in November of 2005 to cancel I was told that I would have one year from the date of travel to use the credit on another flight and only pay a small service charge to do so. Earlier this month I tried to book another trip and use the credit. The agent I talked to said that my time had expired because the one year time frame started on the day I purchased the tickets not the date of travel. This in not what I was told last year when I canceled our vacation. After explaining this to the agent she suggested that I write this request due to the circumstances of Hurricane Wilma and the fact that we could not leave my mother on her own in Naples without anyone to look after her.
Please understand that if I was told the correct time frame last year, I would have made every effort to be sure that I used the credit accordingly. My tickets cost way too much money to lose the credit. Please find it in your heart and with the best interest of customer satisfaction to refund our tickets.
Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


George S Plourde
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The same thing happened to me. They don't have a live person for you to talk to. What kind of customer service is that? My issue is posted below....

Darling Vital, AA ticket person in Newark NJ airport, told us that we would have to fly to Chicago on Friday 7/28 and leave the following day Sat 7/29 on a connecting flight to China. We asked her if there was anyway we could get there the same day being that we were already losing a day at our resort but she said American Airlines' flights to China is always 2 days.

We got to Chicago the Friday 7/28 and booked a hotel to sleep there so we could catch our connecting flight the next day as Ms. Vital told us. The next day Sat 7/29 we found out that we should have caught the connecting flight on Friday that same day, and it was actually a one day trip unlike what Ms. Vital told us. The agents had to find us available seats for Saturday being that we were suppose to leave that Friday. So not only did we miss a second day of our resort in China that we paid for, but also we spend money in Chicago that we did not need to. I spoke to the supervisor Priscilla Lockhart at the Chicago Airport because we were so upset about everything.

After getting home from our vacation we got a message on our home machine that American Airlines was looking for us that Friday to board the connecting flight. Of course we were not home to get that message and was in a hotel in Chicago because of the inaccurate information that Ms. Vital gave us. We are truly disappointed with the services and probably will not be flying with American Airlines again unless there is some compensation for the money we lost in Chicago and the money we lost in our resort in China, not only that but our trip was unnecessarily cut shorter than what it could have been and it was so far away and a day ahead of The United States.

After several emails and faxes, because AA does not have a live person available to rectify your issues, I got 2 emails from Mr. Sean Bentel and Ms. Stephanie Williams at Customer Relations in Texas back in 10/06 telling me they would look into the matter. To this present day I have not heard anything else from them.
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Default Poor Customer Service, Damaged Luggage

This past LAbor Day weekend, I flew to Los Angeles for a wedding, and had purchased for the happy couple a large lighting picture, one of those pictures that displays a waterfall scenery and the water illuminates when plugged into the wall.

I packed it, nicely and securely, in a box and shipped it with American Airlines upon my arrival at the airport. I asked the customer service rep for a marker to write fragile on the backside of the painting and she snapped at me, "Does this look like OfficeMax!" Aghast, I took her name and asked her for a customer service number. Smugly she replied, "There isn't one. You can WRITE here, if you feel like doing that!" and with that she handed me a form with dot-matrix type of the American Airlines Guest Relations address.

When I got to Los Angeles, my bag was not on my flight. When I inquired about it, they could neither tell me where it was nor when it would arrive. They would deliver it "whenever it arrive[d]." That was the next day, two hours before the wedding; and to make matters worse, the painting was shattered into a million pieces, for which they said they bore no responsibility. They offered me $25.00 in compensation for toiletries but didn't tell me how to collect it and subsequent calls for assistance were just put on hold for upwards of 15 minutes.

As luck would have it (or just the service of American Airlines), they lost my bags on the way back, too, and still had the same rude, efensive attitude. One lady in the Baggage department actually yelled at customers who had taken the wrong line. "Get back over there!" she screamed. "I am not helping anyone until 'yall do what I tell you!" and she stubbornly sat there and looked at us, unmoving.

The level of rudeness in this company is incredible. I will NEVER fly them again!

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