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Default Was Your Baggage Delayed or Lost?

Have you paid a baggage fee within the last year for the privilege of having your bags delayed in getting to you or lost altogether?

If so, I would like to speak with you. I'm investigating a class action lawsuit against the airline industry. You may be entitled to substantial compensation for your trouble.

I look forwarding to hearing from you.

Thanks Much,

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Good luck. On a side note.....I wonder if this site wants advertisers???
Yes, the rules and policies favor the airlines unfairly. I do not dispute that.
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Default Delta Baggage Screw Up

My Delta flight was canceled due to mechanical problems and we were put on another flight. We were heading to Miami to take a cruise. Although we were assured our bags would end up on the right flight, we ended up cruising for six days with the clothes on our backs. We filed a claim with NCL (who booked the air fare) and Delta and are awaiting their response. Any suggestions?
Thank you.

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My wife and I had the same problem with Delta. We were also without clothes and necessities for almost our entire trip because of Delta's cancelled flight and delay of our luggage until the second to last day of our cruise. If you are taking a cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line - don't let them book you on Delta! Neither Delta nor NCL seemed to care about our dilemna of no clothes or necessities on a 7 day cruise! Try one set of underwear and no bathing suit on a Free Style Cruise and it loses its appeal!!! A class action may be appropriate since passengers now pay an additional "baggage fee" to have their luggage lost or delayed!
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Default Multiple Delta Baggage issues

I've had two late issues with Delta's checked baggage so-called service. First was Lexington, KY to Kansas City, MO and my bag initially couldn't be found. Later was found in Lexington - wasn't put on the plane. I didn't get this bag until about 36 hours later.
Second was Lexington, KY to Albany, NY. A pilot medical problem altered my flight but not the bag's flight. This time my bag took only 18 hours to get to me.
Both times, I made numerous efforts to get my checked baggage fees returned since, in my mind, Delta failed to keep their end of the agreement. Both times I was denied. I felt when they accepted payment they were obligated to deliver me and my bag to the same destination at the same time.
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I read somewhere on this website when making your complaints to Delta or any other airline to also complain to the US DOT and to mention this in your correspondence to the airline.
Well, don't know if this made a difference or not but since my complaint on airlinecomplaints.org, to Delta and to the DOT, I have been contacted by two separate Delta representatives and had my checked baggage fee refunded. One of these mentioned the complaint to the DOT.
It wasn't a big win but it was all I asked for.
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This is good to know. The airlines are increasingly charging for "add on" services like baggage, but seem to want to keep the right to provide pisspoor service, even when it has been specifically paid for. What they fail to understand is that when you pay for a specific service, you expect to get it. If it is not delivered, then you expect a refund or some consideration. The airline industry badly needs reregulation.
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Yes, paid $60 for 2 bags and have been in Montreal for a week with no bags. Delta doesn't answer phones or will not respond!

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