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Default Physically assaulted by Emirates flight attendant on flight EK006

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On 17 June 2017, the service offered on Flight EK006 from London Heathrow Airport connecting in Dubai, UAE was uneventful. However, the in-flight service offered, deteriorated once the flight arrived in Dubai, UAE, including the transportation of me, my checked luggage and others caught in a similar situation to connecting flight (EK 0729, destination Entebbe, Uganda). Passengers on the aforementioned flight, were prevented from disembarking due to poor logistics, including the fact that ground transportation was behind schedule. The delay in disembarkation was further exacerbated by the flight crew's insistence that passengers not seated in first/business class sections wait an excessive amount of time, to the point where connections could reasonably be assumed to be in jeopardy. Finally, after I and fellow passengers calmly indicated our respective concerns about the delay were permitted to deplane, I alone was targeted and pushed by a male member of the flight crew on my shoulder. Fortunately, I kept my balance and immediately scolded him while concurrently indicating to him that I'm a Canadian government official. To which he responded that I'm being overly sensitive without apologizing for physically assaulting me. The person complicit in this incident later recorded my passport information at the behest of who I assumed to be the senior flight crew member onboard EK006.I was able to make my connecting flight (EK 0729) to Entebbe, Uganda; however, I was subjected to attend official government meetings that day and the next, without suitable attire until my checked luggage arrived (after 4pm local on 19 Jun 2017). To be clear, I don't wish to press criminal charges against the offending crew member nor do I expect a long drawn out investigation. Moreover, I think supplemental training in client-customer relations should be administered.

I later received the following:

Our Ref No: NYC/X/CT/020717/7255135

31 July 2017[/FONT][/SIZE]

Mr Dwayne Henry
Booking reference: PICZ8F
Baggage Claim Reference - EBBEK11678/C

Dear Mr. Henry,
Thank you for your correspondence dated July 2, 2017.

We regret to learn of your experience onboard flight EK006 from London Heathrow to Dubai on June 17. The inflight report logged by the Purser onboard indicates there was a delay in opening the door at the remote stand. The door was opened 20 minutes after aircraft parked at the stand and the seat belt sign was switched off. The flight Captain made an announcement to inform customers about the technical issue for the delay in the door opening. Only two doors in the Main deck were opened for all cabins' disembarkation.

Although we understand you were concerned about making your connecting flight, the reason for the delay in deplaning was an exceptional incident. The Purser explained this to you and extended an apology for the delay.

Regarding your checked baggage claim, I am concerned to learn from you that, upon your arrival at Entebbe airport, you discovered that your bag had failed to arrive at the destination, and sincerely regret any inconvenience you were put through. Our records show your bag was subsequently restored to you the following evening

I wish to advise that your claim in respect of delayed baggage is governed by an International Treaty known as the Warsaw Convention 1929 (as amended by the Hague Protocol 1955 and Montreal Additional Protocol 4 1975), which has been ratified by the countries where you began and ended your journey. The Warsaw/Hague Convention system is exclusive which means that it provides the only remedy available in these circumstances.
[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]In accordance with Warsaw/Hague, all baggage claims are settled on the basis of weight and not value. The airline's liability is calculated in Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) and is limited to 17SDRs per kilogram of delayed baggage checked in. The limit is a maximum limit and is subject to proof of loss resulting from the delay to your bag. Please provide us with evidence of any necessary purchases made as a result of the one day delay to your bag, by e-mail to [email protected] quoting reference NYC/X/CT/020717/7255135 to enable us to determine our actual liability under Warsaw/Hague. You may send us the original purchase receipts/proof of ownership or the credit card transaction to demonstrate purchases madePlease ensure that any attachments are less than 1 MB.

Although we have not lived up to your expectations on this occasion, I do hope your recent experience has not marred your impression of the service offered by Emirates and that we will be given another opportunity of serving you in the future.
]Thank you for allowing me to respond and I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Carol Schmidt
]Customer Affairs

As you can see the letter fails to address my report of physical assault.

D. Henry
assaulted, emirates, employee, pushed, steward

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