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Default Tired of Iberia lack of Customer Service

I've noticed a lot of complaints about Iberia over the last few months with no resolution. I also have a complaint against Iberia and found that talking with the company's customer service is a waste of time. In an effort to help, I've researched and put together a few links that Iberia Customers might find useful in getting your complaints resolved.

If you want to be heard by Iberia Airlines, my suggestion is to go to these sites:

1. Federal Trade Commission Consumer Protection: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/Information#crnt&panel1-1
(Click on 'Other' from the Categories on the left, then 'Click here for more options' under 'Health & Fitness', then 'Travel, Vacations & Timeshares' to submit a complaint)

2. BBB.org: https://seflorida.app.bbb.org/compla...188?bbbID=0633
(This link is for Iberia Customer Service Florida offices; to view other offices, type in 'Iberia Airlines of Spain' and select the location you need. The BBB directly asks Iberia for a response within 30 days; if no response, consumers have the right for mediation or arbitration - your choice - whereupon Iberia has to respond)

3. Aviation Consumer Protection : https://www.transportation.gov/airconsumer
(Click on 'File a Consumer Complaint')

4. https://www.usa.gov/agencies :
(Scroll down to 'State, Local & Tribal Governments', then click on 'State Consumer Protection Offices', then Select your State, then under 'Consumer Protection Offices', click on the 'Department of Consumer Protection' website listed for your state).

While we as Iberia customers may not get a response from Iberia itself after numerous calls, claims submitted and unresolved queues, there are plenty of other sites available to protect consumers and resolve complaints. These are just a few I found in my own search for a resolution.

These links provided above are meant to specifically address complaints directly towards Iberia customer service and staff who are inept or do not provide the services they promise which we as customers are paying for. Please don't use these links to complain against Iberia Pilots as they're truly just doing their jobs to get us to our destinations safely.

If you sincerely want to do something about your complaint, visit these sites. The sites above require that you try to resolve your complaint via Iberia if at all possible as a first step. For those of us who don't receive a response from Iberia after numerous reasonable attempts, the above links are a good follow up.

Please, no threats, profanity, or capital letters as those types of complaints will be discarded. As always, never share your personal or financial information. Use only specific facts and have any documentation ready to upload. Addressing specific consumer neglect or abuse is far more effective than general statements.

Some specific examples include:
- Being yelled at;
- Threatened or cursed at;
- If your health or welfare was affected;
- If you were forced to do something against your will;
- If your request or voiced concern was disregarded (whether purposeful or due to staff carelessness or disregard);
- If staff was inattentive to your request (provided that your request was a valid one);
- If temporary or permanent injury or harm to your mental or physical condition occurred;
- Mistreatment (financial or otherwise)

Providing documentation of these incidents will help to strengthen your claim. Some general advice to protect yourself:

- Ask Iberia staff or customer service if you can record the exchange (video or audio);
- Always document verbal or written previous complaints with timestamped dates/times;
- If needed, reach out to your phone or cell phone provider and get call logs and email threads;
- Ask to video/audio record an Iberia staff member not doing his/her job - it is your right as a paying customer to be treated fairly and with respect;
-Ask Iberia Legal Support for your recorded calls - When calling Iberia customer service (1800-772-4642), their call recording claims to record conversations for 'quality purposes'. The way in which your complaint is handled by Iberia Customer Service at this 1800# falls under 'quality purposes'.

The links above are legal state and federal resources where Iberia consumers can be heard.

The links above are legal state and federal resources where Iberia consumers can be heard. In an effort to help others who are disrespected as paying customers of Iberia Airlines, please share and post these links as you see fit.

If more Iberia customers filed complaints through government consumer protection agencies (as is our right to do) Iberia may be more motivated to resolve our complaints.

It's about time that Iberia be held accountable.
Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

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