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Default Nightmare experience on BA flight from LHR to PHX

To BA, Nightmare experience on BA flight from LHR to PHX

We booked premium economy round trip from Phoenix to Zurich via AA codeshare and operated by British Airway.

On our way return flight back to Phoenix February 25th, the first leg of the BA flight 0773 between Zurich and London Heathrow was delayed departure, which cause us missed the BA 0289 connection flight between Heathrow and Phoenix.

First problem is that when we dash to the terminal 5 security check point at 12:00 PM, the airplane was still at gate and will not depart until 2:25 PM if it will be on schedule, we had almost 30 min at that point, however the terminal 5 security stopped us and was told we cannot pass thru the security due to airline requirement, we later realized that flight 0289 did not leave until 3:30 PM. We were directed to the customer service to re-book the flight.

When we got to BA customer service transfer counter, there was only one agent available, there were least 12 passengers waiting in the lines, we were told BA was shorting of staffs due to British holiday during end of February and there was a major soccer championship match that Sunday, so it took us at least an hour and half to rebooked the same flight next day, also it seems there are not much option at all if we want to back to Phoenix on different flight on the same day, I had to explain it to my management why I had to take unexpected day off and missed some important meetings.

Then, the agent who re-booked the flight told us his printer was broken and we need go to Zone 2 of terminal 5 to get the ticket and hotel voucher printed.

We found Zone 2 and had our ticket and voucher in hand and assure by the agent that our luggers will be on our next day flight with us as well.

We also told there was a shuttle bus around the corner to take us to the hotel, however no map or detail direction provided, it took us a while to find out that the shuttle is at back side of the terminal 5, by the time we arrived at hotel we were very tired.

Next day, we arrived at airport few hours ahead our scheduled departed time 2:25 PM, I noticed my checked two bags not in the same spot based on my iPhone’s Find me feature (I had Apple Air Tag in each of my checked bags), so I checked with the gate agent, she confirmed with me that only one checked bag was associated with my flight! Luckily, the flight was deployed two hours, so my other bag made to the same flight.

While on the flight, the team of young flight attendants were generally pleasant, but they missed to service me meal, I did not order any special meal, and the popular chicken dish was not available when she came to my row, so I told her any chicken dish will be ok, and she told me give her few minutes and she will bring me a different chicken dish, however she totally forgot that and only when she came back to collect the trash, I mentioned to her she forgot my chicken dish, she was surprised and acting like I was lying to her, so I told her my meal ate by dog, so just bring me another one. I am IT consultant and flight a lot, but this is the first time.

Overall, I think my premium economy flight on BA is the worst experience in recent memory, I used to flight this route to UK many times, I am surprised it failed at multiple points, as the British flagship carrier, are you care?

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