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Old Jul 26, 2011, 4:08 PM
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On July 20th I checked my luggage in at the Los Angeles Airport for flight 843 to Chicago with connecting flight 618 to Boston. Upon my arrival my worst traveling nightmare came true, my Expensive Andiamo travel suitcase was not on the turnstile with the other passengers. I immediately went to the United Baggage office to find out what had happened to my luggage. When the agent requested my luggage data tag provided in Los Angeles I was horrified when informed the Los Angeles agent attached the wrong locator tag to my package. From what the Boston Agent was able to figure out was that the Los Angeles agent attached another customer’s baggage tagging to my luggage and provided me that person’s documentation. She also determined that my luggage was scanned into the Dayton luggage facility that night.

The local agent immediately opened a baggage delay report (see below) and placed an electronic request into the Data facility to place my bag on flight 5766/860, which was to get my bag to me at the hotel at 11:30 one hour prior to my interview. She also informed me to call the United Primer Desk in the morning and ask assistance with them as well to insure I did not miss my interview. I then requested they, the Boston facility, provide me with a toiletries kit for my nights stay in Boston. I was informed the did not have any and instructed me to ask the hotel for this and if the hotel was not able to provide this that I might take a walk to a store (I had no car I was picked up by a service).

Upon awakening the next morning, I immediately had to wash my cloths (requiring me to wrap in a bed sheet while my clothes were washing and drying). I also took that time to contact the Premier desk and ask for assistance. This effort took a number of calls before I was able to connect with any individual who was willing to assist me. The Premier desk connected me with the baggage supervisor on duty for that morning. The individual (Mr. Sonnet) assured me that since the bag had been scanned into Dayton, I would receive it by 11:30 as promised (at this point I was becoming suspicious that it was not going to make it as it had not been placed on any aircraft).

As I suspected the 11:30 deadline came and passed and I was out of time and was picked up for my meeting (I have been waiting for this interview for almost 6 months). After the interview I had some free time prior to my departure for Logan airport. I used this time to contact the baggage 800 number to change my delivery location back to Los Angeles as I was departing Boston in two hours. When I called the computer generated information informed me that my luggage had in fact not been located and was considered missing. I then was able to connect with the agent to ask of the status. In my discussion with the agent it became clear she was being quite cagey with me in providing me any exact information regarding the present location of the bag as well as the planed deposition of it. I finally was able to determine the bag was still located in the Dayton facility and was not planed to be moved to my Los Angeles address provided. Needless to say I was quite unhappy to hear this and was informed the unit would be sent out of Friday.

On Friday morning, I again called the service to determine the current status of my luggage. I was informed the bag was still in the Dayton facility and they, the service, was unable to get Dayton to respond to any facility intercommunication. The supervisor then attempted to contact the Dayton facility on the phone with no luck as Dayton would not or could not answer the phone. The manager then promised me that he would continue to attempt to communicate with Dayton and subsequently get a release of my luggage. I was contacted again by the supervisor or any other United representative on this matter.

On Saturday morning I drove back to Los Angeles International Airport an went directly into the baggage services office. The representative spent a considerable amount of time in an attempt to first understand why Dayton had not responded to five requests for my luggage status and why they were not responding to voice inquiries as well. He then placed yet another inter-facility request into Dayton and instructed me to contact Customer Service

This morning I again called the baggage service to determine the status of my bag. The agent again made an inter-facility request as well as attempted to call the facility on the voice line. Both attempts failed as usual!
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Old Aug 11, 2011, 7:33 PM
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This issue is even more interesting, below is the next letter sent to United. I actually had to call teh Dayton airport myself and get someone from ANOTHER airline to get my luggage!


I am writing this letter as a follow on to my letter of July 25th where I described United’s inadequate response to a luggage issue I was dealing with. In that letter provided below, I informed you of United Airlines luggage services inability to retrieve my luggage from the Dayton United luggage facility. Even after numerous electronic messages and untold phone calls, it became apparent that United was unwilling or unable to

On July 26th I called the baggage service to determine the status of my bag. The agent informed me yet again that it, my baggage continues to remain in the Dayton facility. As was done on countless attempts the agent placed another electronic request in for the bag and again called the facility to obtain its release. As was the case in every other attempt, these efforts failed to gain any response from the United Dayton personnel. The agent then informed me that after reviewing the file, he, the agent was able to determine that my luggage had been loaded on a plane bound for Los Angeles but was removed for some unknown reason and placed back into the holding area.

In our closing conversation, the agent requested I complete a United Baggage Tracing/Claim form. The agent explained that at some point, “all bags are opened and the contents listed in the computer system” with a listing of identification factors. He further went on to tell me that this form “would be logged in and cross-referenced” against the listing of lost luggage and their individual contents for a possible match. It seemed to me the process of submitting this form to be an act of lunacy, as we knew my luggage was in the Dayton facility and all we required was someone to pick it up and place it on a flight back to Los Angeles.

At the end of my conversation, I felt that I was not going to get anywhere through the normal United Airline channels and it was time for me to take control and peruse a route to resolve this. I subsequently logged into my computer and within three or four clicks on the World Wide Web found a document listing all of the airlines supporting the Dayton airport and the corresponding luggage facilities and their numbers. (

I immediately noticed the number listed for the United facility was in fact the number previously provided to me by the ground personnel in Los Angeles on Saturday (see last message for details). Knowing United was not answering this number, as it has been called four to five times a day for a week (see last complaint), I decided to try something completely different. Knowing Dayton was a smaller airport, it occurred to me the different airline vendor’s luggage facilities should be in close proximity of each other, they might have utilize a single location through a subcontractor!

Knowing that any calls to the United Airlines luggage facility would go unanswered, I called Continental. Considering the merger and the possibility of the consolidation of facilities my hope was there was someone willing to assist? Within a couple of seconds, a VERY POLITE Continental baggage employee answered my call. I then explained what the situation was and asked if he could find a United Airline employee to assist me, he then stated that he could help and was happy to do so. He asked for a description of my luggage and some other identification information and within a very short period of time he informed me that he had my luggage in his hands and asked how fast would I like it back (he was having some fun with me). The Continental employee then gathered all the required information and then seemed happy to inform me that I would have my luggage in Los Angeles within 24 hours and that it would be delivered to me at that point. My luggage finally made its way home after 7 days of sitting on a shelf in Dayton.

With all this said, I feel it imperative to inform how unimpressive United Airlines support to resolve my issue has been. I state this for the following three treasons;

1) I am appalled with lack of communications from your customer relations organization. As stated in my presentation, my initial contact with customer relations asking for a resolution was on July 25th. To this date, other than an email receipt, I have had NO communication of any kind. I find this lack of follow through egregious, disrespectful and unprofessional. To be honest I would have expected more!

2) I just cannot understand why it falls on a customer to find his or her luggage within your system. This is YOUR responsibility! It is incompressible to the normal person as to why a customer is required to use the internet to obtain the phone number of your partner airline or competitor and ask them to have a United Airline representative communicate with you. I do not understand why a United representative could not take this responsibility and initiative to get my luggage returned, we KNEW the where the damn thing was and what it looked like

3) I do not understand what internal processes are broken within your organization. I am requesting an explanation as to why the ground personnel in the Dayton facility can ignore numerous and continuous electronic request to obtain an answer, this form a corporate prospective must be unacceptable behavior. I know if I do not respond to my requests for information at HP as Dayton did HP would be informing me to look for work outside our organization in very short order.

In conclusion, I ask that you take a good look at your organization and ask the question, “Is this the kind of airline we want to be associated with”?
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