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Delta Ruined Christmas

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Old Feb 5, 2016, 3:11 AM
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I booked a flight with Delta in the middle of October to fly on Christmas eve and arrive home with my family at 1:45pm. This was my grandson's first every Christmas. When I arrived at the airport I was told that there were crew delays and I needed to be bumped. They changed my flights and now I was scheduled to arrive at midnight. My daughter was completely devastated but since we were still going to have Christmas day we accepted the change. The next flight was cancelled for weather delays, the flight attendant told me that he had no clue what I was bumped off my original flight as I was only an hour late. He put me into first class seats for the following morning and offered my a lousy 100.00 flight coupon. Again I accepted this as I was still going to make Christmas. The next morning I arrived back at the airport, I checked in and made my way to my gate. No one was around, I waited 2 1/2 hours for someone to arrive and inform me that I had been bumped off that flight and was rerouted once again with a scheduled arrival midnight. No one bothered to tell me, and I missed my grandson's 1st Christmas. My daughter and I were both devastated. Delta took zero responsibility, claimed that they can't control weather delays ... my first delay was NOT weather related. I was put on a few planes, one of which was a 5 hour flight from Atlanta to Seattle where only the first class cabin members were given A/C. My 9.5 lb Chihuahua whom is always seeking warmth, blankets etc was panting it was unbearably hot .. 5 hours and a ruined Christmas. Upon my return home, I filed a complaint with Delta, they once again offered by 100.00 coupon, and here is the emails that transpired.

"Thank you for writing to us about your recent travel experience. I'm sorry you were bumped off several flights on December 24th and were rebooked for the next day. I'm sorry this turn of events ruined your Christmas holiday.

I'm sure it was disappointing missing your grandson's first Christmas. I've done some research into your flight history and I see flight DL 2229 was delayed due to crew. Operational factors can sometimes disrupt the availability of flight crews, resulting in flight delays and cancellations. Flight crews are sometimes delayed because of late arriving inbound aircraft, causing the delay of downline flights. Also, federal guidelines restrict flight crews from working beyond a certain number of hours without a rest break. There are times when irregular operations interrupt our flight crew scheduling, resulting in the need for a crew rest break. It is our goal to minimize these situations, and you can be sure we are always working to improve on-time performance to better serve our customers.

Flight DL 1258 canceled due to weather, and DL 2380/2444 were delayed also to weather.

I'm sorry you were uncomfortable on your return flight, but I can assure you there is no way to cool one cabin and not the other. We would never intentionally compromise the comfort, health or well being of any passenger on one of our flights.

It saddens me that you would think we would treat someone so poorly because they weren't in the First Class cabin. I'm also truly sorry that you missed out on your Grandson's first Christmas.

I see you already received a travel voucher for $100 in Jacksonville for your inconvenience. I also see your volunteered to take a later flight on your return and received a $1000 travel voucher. We do not provide compensation for delays due to weather however, as a one time courtesy, I’m sending a $100 Delta Choice gift. You will receive a Delta Choice gift code, from [email protected] in a separate email within three business days and you can select the gift card of your choice within 60 days of receipt. Included in the gift option are several merchants that you will be familiar with as well as our new Delta gift cards. Once redeemed, the gift cards have no expiration and may be used by anyone you wish. You will want to add this email address to your list of accepted addresses. Our Delta Choice gift code email will include a customer ID and instructions on how to redeem the gift. Please check your spam folder if you don’t see the email in your inbox.

Denise, we hope you can make the decision to move forward from this unfortunate event and you'll give us the chance to make your next experience a more pleasant one.

Deonne F. Walters"

I responded with the following message:
"The 1000.00 voucher that I received has nothing to do with my trip to Edmonton nor my complaint. Yes there was a crew delay, one of the representatives stated "I don't know why they bumped you off your first flight, you were only an hour delayed" This statement right there tells me that I could have made Christmas and your gift of 100.00 does not get me home for Christmas, and I truly believe that Delta does owe me that at the very least! Every single person I tell this story to agrees with me, that this is a classic result of Delta's over booking policy, You were overbooked on my first flight, so you bumped me because of a slight delay. Now in Edmonton on my return not only was I originally offered 700, I was eventually offered 1000. 100 does not come even close to this amount; I should have never been bumped from my original flight, I should have never had the treatment I got, and I should have made my grandson's first Christmas, it wasn't just my Christmas that was ruined, it was my daughter's as well. If there is a supervisor that I can contact, then I will be happy to do so, but again, 100.00 does not get me home for Christmas and you owe me that as a company! "

and here was their final response:
"I'm writing back to you on behalf of our Executive team. I am an Escalations Supervisor.Feeling like you were heard is so important to us and I am sorry you feel otherwise. I've tried to see this from your point of view and respectfully, you've already been given $200 ($100 at the airport and $100 from me) for this incident there’s nothing more for me to do. I’m sorry to disappoint you.

Deonne F. Walters"

I never reached a management level, all I got was this Deonne, and a slap in the face. I created a Twitter account, just to put in complaints .. I want Christmas, and Delta owes me a Christmas ... on their dime!!!
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