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denysmorel 10:40 PM Sep 23, 2012

My wife and our 3 kids boarded a Qantas flight from Brussels to Sydney via London and Singapore, for a nice holiday in Australia where I stay.
They took their first flight and arrived in London. They were ready at the gate to board the next plane to Sydney. But when the Qantas lady checked the passports, she accidentally tore apart the transparent sheet inside the passport of my daughter. And she didn't authorize them to board the plane!
She bluntly told them to go back where they came from!
My wife was left alone with 3 kids at 10 pm on a Sunday night in a foreign city! She didn't receive any assistance from Qantas people in London. And she was later told that she would have to pay for her flight back to Brussels, and that all the following flights were full! And she would also have to pay for new flights to Australia! Moreover, they couldn't give her luggage back!! She had to stay a night and a day in London with 3 kids and without anything.

Now compare this experience with the Qantas Charter: "We will look after you if things don't go as planned".

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