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Old Sep 15, 2012, 11:46 AM
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Default Stranded at Vancouver Airport for more than 15hrs!


My husband, E. V. with E- ticket XXXXXXXX or E-TicketXXXXXXXXX (one is for Philippine Airline and the other for WestJet) was supposed to be here in Las Vegas 6hours ago. He was booked on a Philippine Airlines Flight Sept 14 from Manila to Vancouver, Canada. He arrived several minutes earlier than the scheduled arrival time of 4pm at Vancouver Airport. He was to depart Vancouver at 635pm. There is a lot of time for the transfer of baggage and airlines.

However, his other luggage got lost WITHIN the airport. He can't push thru with flying via WestJet to Las Vegas as he is an immigrant to the US and the US customs in Vancouver Airport wouldn't let him fly without the other baggage due to customs checking policy. After a few hours, they found out that it went thru the wrong carousel. When they got his other luggage, it was wayyy too late for his flight to Las Vegas. The next available flight that WestJet gave was a 10am flight. More than 15hrs wait!!!

Another problem he encountered was that he can't stay in Vancouver for that long unless he gets a temporary Canadian Visa. And guess what, they made him pay $200 dollars to have that visa!!! He was already inconvenienced and they still made him pay that much money! What if he doesn't carry that amount with him????

We contacted the Vancouver Airport. However, Airport Customer Service told us (Stephen or Steven who we talked to at 604 207 7077 Vancouver Airport main #) that my husband has to talk to Philippine Airline people in the ticketing to sort this problem because there was a problem with the transferring from the Philippine Airline plane to the carousel.

So my husband talked to the personnel at the ticketing desk, he was able to talk to a male "manager" (he was the one who was on duty at around 10pm -11pm at Vancouver Airport Philippine Airline desk, my husband was unable to get the name due to frustration and anger). First of all, he wasn't being very helpful. Instead of sorting thru the problem and trying to help my husband find the best way out of the problem, he was blaming the airport and he was finding fault on "why my husband did not get the direct flight instead" (which is Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Obviously, we did not get those days as we wanted the Friday flight which is the SOONEST possible flight which we needed because we have our OWN plans! I'm sorry but it's none of the personnel's business! He did not help my husband at all and was very rude. It took all of my husband's patience to talk to this guy but it ended up with nothing being resolved.

He is currently "stranded" in the airport for 15hours+!!! They said they can't take the responsibility of arranging place for my husband to stay in the middle of the night. How humane is that?! He doesn't even have that much money to buy enough food as he spent it for that freaking $200 visa!

I contacted the Philippine Airlines' 1800 # and talked to Bonsai, she was helpful and gave me 4 different Philippine Airline phone #s in Canada, but in trying all those #, I wasn't able to talk to anyone. I guess it's the office #s, and it's in the middle of the night.

I know that by the time you get to the bottom of this (which I hope you customer service people will look at and investigate), it will be too late to help my husband. He has no other choice (he was left with no choice!) but to stay there and wait the whole night. You know, I bought this ticket as it was the shortest waiting time among the offered e-tickets I searched online, but look where it got us. We should have bought the less expensive ticket because it ended up to a longgggggggg wait anyway. Such a lot of waste!

I should get a refund from the airline ticket but don't worry about that. But we wanted the $200 refund on that "temporary Canadian Visa". He shouldn't have needed that it the first place. That's a big waste of money! He was already inconvenienced so why does he have to spend that! It's not a small amount! If you wanted to pass the blame to Vancouver Airport, please talk to them. I'm tired of being told that "it's not us, it's their fault" from both of you. You need to sort this out!

If you would like to contact me, feel free to do so via email or phone (xxxxxxx). I want to hear from you and see if this complaint got anywhere. And please investigate this incident, you can talk to a lot of airline personnel from Philippine Airline and WestJet who was present as 630pm - 12mn September 14, 2012 at Vancouver International Airport , coz my husband tried to talk to a lot of people/personnel from these airlines but to no avail.


This email will be sent to Philippine Airlines and Vancouver Airport Customer Service.
Old Sep 15, 2012, 11:51 AM
meloveric meloveric is offline
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will somebody give me an email address for Vancouver Airport Customer Service. I have been trying to send this mail via their website complaint form but when I submit it, it just says "an error has occurred"..

sigh..this is frustrating!
Old Sep 15, 2012, 8:17 PM
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Unfortunately, you are out-of-luck on this one. I completely see your perspective but from the airlines perspective, they went by the rules. Each ticket is a contract to get the passenger from point A to point B. The fact that your husband bought one ticket to vancouver (through Philippine airlines) and a separate one to Vegas (through west jet), the airlines involved are not liable to pay any damages.

I hope there is a day when airlines get penalized for delays (even if it is one minute delay), just like they penalize passengers for delays. However, until then, based on the current rules, the airline actually did its job!

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