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Old Jul 8, 2012, 12:43 AM
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Talking A game I made for the RUDE travelers we experinece. Based on my experiences.

Sponsored by the Rude Travelers Club
Play the sensational airplane game that is sweeping our nation!!!
This is the first time sharing with anyone. I hope you get a kick out of it. I don't mean to offend anyone unless you are a rude traveler.
If you travel via airplane in North America, you will see many people playing this game. Some are obviously very good at it and have racked up huge points. You probably did not know they were playing but after reading the rules, and ways to rack up points, you will realize that many are, in fact, playing.
Here is how it is played (you can play it too):
Points are given for each instance noted below. The game has been set up for TSA employees, Airlines and their employees and passengers. Keep track of your points. Get out your calculators and start playing!!!
Travelers, 10 points for each of the following:
__ While sitting in the waiting area, take up as many seats as possible with bags, coats and etc. so others cannot sit down. Add 10 bonus points for taking up three or more seats. Add 10 points for leaving garbage on the seats for others to deal with.
__ While going through the security check points, do not pay any attention to TSA signs or verbal instructions. Instead, fumble through the process. Add 10 extra points if you can hold up the conveyor belt. If you came totally unprepared with carry-on baggage, add 20 points (unprepared means hard to remove computers, liquids packed in various locations of the bag, clothes with many metal parts which are difficult to remove—you had weeks to prepare, but act like you just booked this flight an hour ago).
__ Before any announcements to board a plane, move to the gate entrance and block other people from boarding. Add 10 bonus points if you know you will be boarding after “special needs” or Group 1. Add 20 points for trying to board early before your section is called. Add 50 points of gate agent acts irritated but lets you board anyway (this will encourage others to try it).
__ At any point you are around a lot of people, waiting, in the plane in the lobby… you can add 10 points if you talk loudly on your cell phone. You must act like the person on the other end is far away and cannot hear you. Add 10 points if you get “dirty looks” from people around you. Add 20 points if you are using a headset and talking loud. Add 50 points if you talk about sensitive or obscene information. Add 50 points if you are talking business and a customer or competitor hears something very damaging to your company.
__While boarding, do not have your boarding pass out and ready. Pretend you did not know and go through your brief case or pocketbook looking for it. Add 10 bonus points if there is a long line behind you.
__ Take more bags than you know you are allowed. Act surprised and mad if someone tries to get you to check any of them. Add 10 bonus points if you bring large bags that cannot be checked (I.e., shopping bags, boxes, fishing containers, black velvet paintings, etc).
__ Bring a couple children along. While boarding move to the front and expect special treatment. Add 10 points if these children are above infant ages and can walk on their own. Add 10 bonus points if you can get flight attendants or other passengers to help you with bags.
__ While boarding, use your carry-on luggage to hit the shoulders or arms of the people sitting in the aisle seat. Add 10 bonus points if they swear at you. Add 20 points if you can hit every aisle seat in first class.
__ While putting away your carry-on bags, stand in the aisle and take a lot of extra time. Add 10 bonus points if a flight attendant makes an announcement because of your actions. Add 10 if you can take up more than your share of overhead space. Add 20 bonus points if you put a small bag in the overhead that you could have placed in the seat in front of you. Add 5 points for putting a coat or jacket in the space above before others have time to put their bags up.
__If you are sitting in an aisle seat, make people who are sitting in the middle or window seat craw over and around you to get in (do not stand up and move for them). Add 10 points for acting annoyed if they ask you to make room for them.
__If you need to use the restroom before boarding, hold off. Wait until you get on board and you know they are about to close the doors. Use the airplane rest room. Add 10 bonus points if they knock on the lavatory door or make a special PA announcement about you. Add 20 bonus points if you cause a delay of any kind. You must act surprised at their actions in order to receive the bonus points.
__ Do not put away your cell phone or blackberry when asked to do so when the announcement is made. Add 10 bonus points if a flight attendant asks you to put it away. Add 20 bonus points if the flight attendant has to get tough with you. Add 20 bonus points for pretending to put it away, instead, leave it on and place it in your pocket.
__ Once you get to your seat, recline it and make it difficult for the people behind you to get in. Add 10 points if you can make those people mad and upset.
__Any of the following that is done in a way that annoys passengers while in the airplane each receives 10 points: a) tap your foot or feet on the floor over and over again, b)whistle a tune or just whistle to be whistling, c)chew gum in a load and “smacking” way.
__ Bump the seat in front of you as often as you can, especially when you get up to go to restroom. Add 20 points if you wake a person sleeping in that seat.
__ Try to read the screen on the Blackberry or computer of the person sitting next to you. Add 10 points if you can get that person to try and hide it from your eyes.
__ If you sit in the bulkhead seat, put your feet up on the wall. Add 10 points if shoes are off and socks are smelly. Add 10 points if no shoes (or sandals). Add 20 points if exposed feet are gross with bunions, scaly skin, of in-grown toe nails.
__Do not bring anything to read or music to occupy your time. Instead bother the person next to you with small talk. Add 10 points if you can share a recent operation or a horrible airplane story in detail. Add 10 points if the person tries to read (and you don’t let them). Add 10 points if you continue to talk with them even after they put on headsets.
__ For our male flyers… When you go to the restroom, pee on the seat. These points can be received for any public rest room. Add 20 bonus-points if you can leave a “load” and not flush the toilet.
__For our female flyers… use way too much perfume to the point of making people cough. Add 10 points if the person next to you asks to relocate. OK, males can plan too.
__For kids… use your feet to kick the seat in front of you. Add 10 points if you can get the person sitting in that seat to say something to your parent. Add 10 points if your parent tells that passenger to mind his own business (or something like that).
__ Airlines… put a special catalog in the seat pockets which offer cool gadgets, clothes and gadgets which are priced higher than normal prices. Offer a discount to passengers if they use a special, limited time, couple (with the coupon they are only overpaying the value by 10%). Add-on services like these build customer loyalty.
__ Airlines… when planes can be boarded early, don’t. Instead, wait to the last second to board. While the passengers are boarding bombard them with announcements to hurry. Add 20 points if your tell them they will cause a delay arriving on-time to their destination on time.
__ For overweight flyers… I don’t want to leave you out… Take up two seats if you can without paying for the extra seat. Add 20 bonus points if you are asked to leave the plane or pay for the extra seat. Add 10 points if you use 2 seatbelt extenders. Add 30 points if you can make someone feel sorry for you because you are the victim and the airline and fellow passengers owe you more space. Add 20 points for contacting your congressmen. Add 100 points if you can get overweight people in the some United States minority class.
__ For First Class Section flyers… when sitting in an aisle seat, lean across your neighbor to look out the window as much as you can (as if “it is your window too”). Add 10 points if this annoys the person sitting next to the window. Add 10 points if you selected an aisle seat when a window seat was available upon making reservation.
__For flight attendants… when closing the overhead bins, slam them in a way that-damages ear drums of passengers. Add 200 points if you can cause permanent hearing damage. You can add 10 points for closing it over and over again. Add 20 points if you can awaken sleeping passengers.
__ For airlines… design the toilet seats so they will not stay up. This assures males will pee on them. Add 10 points for designing the restrooms to be inconvenient (toilet paper hard to reach, sinks that make washing hands difficult)
__ For airlines… charge extra for bags. Add 200 points for losing the bags you charged extra for.
__ For airports… make the seats in the waiting areas uncomfortable and difficult for business travelers to do any work. Add 10 bonus points for limiting the number of seats to assure most people will have to stand of sit on floor. Add 10 points for limiting the number of electrical outlets or hiding them. Add 10 points for putting seats back to back causing heads from both sides to touch. Add 30 points for every electric cart with a driver who acts annoyed with walking flyers (they must continue to yell things out to the walkers, like “beep-beep, ” or “cart coming through” etc ). Add 50 points for carrying people who do not need a ride.
__ For airport or airline employees… go to the front of the line at security check points. Add 10 points for acting like you are the only person who is going to work. Take away 10 points if you say. “excuse me” or offer any kindness. Add 10 points for treating flyers like they are not customers and are a big annoyance to you (remember—if there were fewer passenger, your job would be so much easier).
__ For Atlanta, Philadelphia and Cleveland airport employees… Use every occasion to treat the flyers rudely. Add 10 points for making any flyer excessively wait. Add 10 points for “rolling your eyes” at flyers and acting like they are complete idiots.
__ For all flyers who are “cheapskates” when booking... Complain about the surcharges, poor flight food or the costs to change one of those cheap tickets. Add 20 bonus points for complaining about not receiving the same service as the frequent flyers (early boarding, upgrades and etc). Add 40 points for telling friends, “Flying isn’t as much fun as it used to be” Or, “The airlines have terrible service…”
______ Total Score.
Old Jul 8, 2012, 1:05 AM
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Excellent game...but airline employees should earn extra points for barking "wait" at a passenger with an inquiry when you are chatting to your colleague about your last party.
game rude

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