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Old Sep 1, 2013, 11:33 AM
charney engelbrecht charney engelbrecht is offline
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Angry ethiopian airlines

I booked a flight on Ethiopian Airlines to Bangkok in June this year fro travel back in September. Knowing that i would quite probably stay longer i also checked the fee for date changes which states from 50$.

I have since been in email contact with them for 3 weeks regarding a date change to Feb next year. First i was informed that the change would cost 100$, which I agreed to, then when i told them what dates u wanted my ticket changed to i was informed that it would now cost and extra 75$ as my ticket was only valid for 3 months. Thinking that i had perhapps missed this when booking i went back to find that no where on their website does it state this.

When complaining i was given another email adress to which to send complaint, the reply was that in my reservation code there is a 3M which means 3 months. I do not even look at reservation codes as according to me they are there for airline personel. Again i am given a new email adress to which to complain to, which i do and am still awaiting a reply.

As my flight date is soon i resign myself to apying the 175 dollars and continuing the dispute. When emailing to do the date change i now get told again to phone different offices, which i then do, only to be told that now the fee goes up to almost 250$ for the change. I have spent an half an hour on the phone with s supervisor whos only way of helping is again to apss the buck and email someone else, even though my flight is in two days and the neccesary changes need to be done before this, which i make him aware of.

They are telling me to change the ticket validity to a year ticket i have to pay 75 dollars extra as the 3 month ticket has a lower fare, yet if i book a ticket with a years difference between travel dates on their website now its still the same amount as the fare I paid.

I also have an email from their online reservations office stating the fee is 175 dollars for the change can he go ahead and change it. Y et when i phone the call centre (which i have to do as i need to pay the difference on my cc) i get told that there is now an extra almost 75 dollar surcharge.

Surely an airline should state on its website where bookings are made what ticket validity is?

And as of yet no one has been willing or able to give me answers.

Old Sep 2, 2013, 7:05 AM
jimworcs jimworcs is offline
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This is the ridiculous trap set for passengers with the Byzantine rules and impenetrable T erms and Conditions. They have you over a barrel...I would pay before it rises any higher. In most cases I would recommend a complaint to the national aviation authority, but unsure what the jurisdiction is, as I don't know where this flight originated.
Old Sep 2, 2013, 9:25 AM
charney engelbrecht charney engelbrecht is offline
Join Date: Sep 2013
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the flight originated in SA. Worst of all is that no one is able or willing to help with complaint. I eventually called them back when I got no response, was told by a supervisor they would only charge me the 175 dollars, took my cc details and said he would email me within an hour. Ihave been on the phone the whole day he has stopped taking my calls and now the amount has changed again.

i spoke to a consultant who said 191 dollare kept me on the line for 20 minutes and then said he had made a mistake its actually 240 dollars!?! then he put the phone down in my ear when i said that his supervisor has said otherwise.

Tried phoning head office to complain, another dead end, she said she could only transfer me back to reservations!?!?

Surely one must be able to lay a complaint somewhere?

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