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Angry Vueling Airlines Honeymoon Horror Story

- flight cancelled with no notification by Vueling
- bags lost (11 days and counting)
- Vueling is impossible to reach and phone system and reps hang up on you when you do (sent literally a hundreds messages/calls as well as e-mails/Linkedin to senior execs, customer service and marketing people
- We've received no compensation and told we will get none

I have taken hundreds of flights (both business and pleasure) with tons of airlines but never knew that in the 21st century, there were still airlines with practices like Vueling. Their business practices are truly remarkable and in my mind, downright illegal. My wife and I took a Vueling flight from Dubrovnik to Santorini connecting in Rome on August 22nd. When we arrived in Rome around 4pm, we were informed that our 6:55pm flight to Santorini no longer exists (it is now a 12:45pm flight which we had already missed). Vueling didn't notify me or our travel agency Classic Travel and we were left stranded.
Our travel agent rebooked us on a flight to Athens that night with a flight to Santorini the next morning (already missing a day of our honeymoon). I went to Vueling's baggage desk in Rome (which also runs 10 other airlines) and was informed it was impossible to get our bags there since they were already checked to Santorini and that they "100% would arrive in Santorini on the next flight out tomorrow". After pleading and begging to get our bags, he said it was impossible. I asked about filing a claim and he advised not to since we were not at our final destination and it could just delay our bags from getting their tomorrow. We arrived the next day at 9am, our bags were supposed to be on a flight landing at 4pm so we went to the hotel (again couldn't file a claim as our bags were coming on a later flight).

Now it is 11 days later and counting, still on our honeymoon and no bags. The airlines denies any compensation (the only offer a measly 50 Euro a day anyway) because we didn't file a claim at the airport. Of course we didn't file a claim per the advice of their rep. And, we couldn't as we weren't at our final destination in Rome and in Santorini, we arrived before our bags were supposed to arrive.

We have spent countless hours trying to get ahold of someone at Vueling Lost Luggage Dept which is nearly impossible. We were hung up on every time we tried to connect to a person, then when we finally reached one, she hung up on me on purpose after she could not give us answers to anything. We've also posted all over twitter, facebook, messaged the CEO on LinkedIn, e-mailed 50+ company executive (can provide e-mails to others who need them) and haven't heard a word from them. It's truly remarkable how a business can operate like this in the 21st century.

All I can say is truly do not ever book a flight on Vueling. It is worst than this story even sounds and they truly are not an airline with any care for their customers, even those on their honeymoon. I hope I can save others from the experience my wife and I have had on Vueling. DO NOT FLY THEM NO MATTER HOW MUCH THE DISCOUNT!!
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