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Old Feb 5, 2008, 1:58 PM
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Default EgyptAir: update

Some of you might have read my first posting (http://www.airlinecomplaints.org/showthread.php?t=393), if not, it might help make things clear.

A lot has happened since the first posting. First, I went back to the airport to meet with their staff in AMM on December 7, 2007. I cannot say that this meeting was very productive, for they repeated that I had not made a claim and nothing could be done. All of it, of course, despite what they had previously published (http://www.egyptair.com.eg/English/T.../Liability.htm). Now, don't bother to click on the link. The page no longer exists. They have removed it from their Website. You will notice that "Liability" has been taken off the "Baggage" section (http://www.egyptair.com.eg/English/T...mation/Baggage).

This has come to my attention today, as I called them to get an update on my claim.

The following text is what one could see on the "Liability" page I mentioned above. It was probably removed because of the exposure, liability the company must face:

"If the baggage is damaged, delayed, lost or destroyed, the passenger must complain in writing to EgyptAir as soon as possible and at the latest, in the case of damage to checked baggage , within 7 days , and in case of delay, within 21 days in both cases from the date on which the baggage was placed at the passenger’s disposal. If no complaint is made within the time mentioned above, no action shall lie against the carrier.
If your journey also involves carriage by other airlines, you should contact them for information on their limits of liability.
For a complete text of all provisions applicable, please refer to EgyptAir's conditions of carriage."

Let me explain how we got here after the first posting.

On December 8, 2007 I flew back from AMM to CAI for a week's work. As I arrived at the airport, passed security and waited for over 40 minutes for my bag to arrive at the conveyor belt, I thought of going to their claims counter for another chat. A young gentleman greeted me politely, listened to my story, made copies of the letters and other documents I had tried to present to his AMM counterparts, and instructed me to call a number after a few days, since he was going to pass it all on to his manager.

Then, on December 11, 2007, I received an e-mail from [email protected] instructing me to "respond to" it. The message included a file, "baggage_service_e_mail[1]," with instructions on what to do next:

"ITEMS NEEDED TO PROCESS YOUR CLAIM (please provide within 15 days of receipt of this Email)

- Copy of flight ticket, E-ticket receipt or reservation information.
- Copy of the baggage identification tag.
- Copy of your boarding pass
- Completed list of the missing contents in price and barriers your signature .

We strongly recommend that you send all receipts via certified mail.

Kindly direct all correspondence concerning your claim to [email protected] ATTENTION: Baggage Service Department"

So I tried to fax them my claim on December 19, but the number they gave me never worked. Step two, scan the claim and send it via e-mail. Step 3, send the package via FedEx or similar as soon as I had reached Brazil. And so, by December 21, I had done every single one of them.

Unfortunately, I had no news concerning my claim till I finally reached EgyptAir today. Yes, I have been trying to call them for a week.

They stressed that I did not have a claim number and without it the "insurance company" would not process anything. They also confirmed receipt of my e-mail messages including my claim and other files. The gentleman I spoke with even mentioned my passport number and other information I had stated on it. Finally, he said that the fact that they had not been in touch did not mean that they were not working on it, that he was going to send a letter (along with his manager) to the insurance company to try and get this taken care of.

I am still hoping they will do the right thing, despite the many indications contrary to my belief.

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