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COMPLAINT: Miss advise cost additional expensive ticket!

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Old May 1, 2017, 12:36 AM
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My Wife, Daughter and I were checking in at Melbourne Airport on 24Th Dec 2016 we were flying to Manchester UK to visit family for Christmas. We realised my wifeís ticket had been booked in her maiden name and not her recently new marital name (this is the result of booking tickets as early as possible I suppose). After many discussions and phone calls, we were advised that we could not use the marriage certificate and the NAME COULD NOT BE CHANGED ON THE TICKET. Little to our knowledge that the Eithad Service Counter team hadnít actually called the Etihad Ticketing Line. So we were told that the only way to my Wife on the plane was to purchase a new ticket in the correct name (albeit a fully booked plane).

With check in time now down from 3 hours to 2 hours there wasnít much time to mess around so we went over to the Flight Centre within the Airport and were advised that it was a full flight and they werenít sure they could release another ticket (even though we knew there was a seat because we had already paid for it). A few calls were made and 50mins later we had a new ticket in the correct name costing $4700.00. The original tickets cost us $1700.00. We had now paid twice for the same seat on a full flight. We were then rushed through security having only just made check-in and thankfully we made the flight.

We arrived in Manchester and I contacted the Etihad ticketing line to see if they could help me out with the situation. I explained the situation and I was advised that THE NAME ON THE TICKET COULD HAVE BEEN CHANGED IF THEY WERE CONTACTED. So here I am $4700.00 out of pocket because the staff at the Airport hadnít actually contacted the Etihad Ticketing line to ask, nor did they know which you expect they should know being customer service. Aleem (Etihad Ticketing) advised me to contact Etihad through heir feedback on the website to have this looked at saying they should issue a refund.

I did this and was contacted back from Mary (Etihad Customer Officer) and she requested the names of the staff who were at the airport (maybe thinking this was too big of a task and hoping Iíd give up). On my return to Melbourne, I went to the Etihad Service counter and asked to speak to someone who could help me. I spoke to George (Eithiad Airport Duty Manager) who assisted me. I explained the situation to him and advised that I needed the names of these particular staff who were on duty at this time. He mentioned that if he was on duty he would have ACCEPTED THE MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE!.

So we now have 2 different issues the MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE and INCORRECTLY ADVISED WITH NAME CHANGE. George mentioned and I quote ďit could have been because there was no Etihad Duty Manager on at the timeĒ. Just bad timing from us hey. Our focus however was to get the names of the staff as Mary had requested. George went away and came back after 10-15mins. He said he knew who the staff were but would like to speak to them first before giving me their names. He then called me later that day and told me he couldnít give me their names for privacy reasons which I understand. I then messaged Mary, advised her that George (Etihad Duty Manager) had their names and to contact him for them.
Mary emailed back to say that they could not determine who was working there and ultimately could not investigate and see the matter as closed. As you can imagine my frustration at this point. I messaged Mary back disagreeing with her conclusion and that I wanted to be in contact with her manager. Mary then reopened the case and reviewed with the Manger (I never spoke to or had contact with the manager).

I then re contacted Etihad Ticketing to get another opinion (this time a Gent named Qaisar) of the situation and again was told THE NAME ON THE TICKET COULD HAVE BEEN CHANGED THEN AND THAT MARY SHOULD APPOROVE THE REFUND.

Mary came back to me and told me that the staff did everything they needed to on the day and they see the matter as closed. I emailed Mary (Etihad Customer Officer) back and asked to sympathise with the situation and reiterate that we had paid twice for the same seat on a full flight. Etihad have gained for our loss and we didnít receive anything additional nor did we have the additional seat, to which I had no response!
Yours Faithfully

Matthew (a disappointed Etihad customer who has only ever used Ethad to fly from Austalia to visit Family in the UK since moving to Australia 11 years ago)
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disappointment, lack of empathy, loss, miss advised

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