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Default Flights canceled without notice

My boyfriend was flying from Dulles to JFK to join me to see the US Open for the first time! It is our first vacation in a long time and I got him tickets for his 40th birthday.

They started delaying the flights due to weather, even though it was not raining in either location. Then they canceled it! Luckily, he rushed over to get a new flight booked. He was very delayed, but better late then never! He waited a few hours, while I am at the hotel by myself waiting for us to start the vacation. Then it is canceled AGAIN! ... no rain or apparent weather isues...

Instead of announcing this, they just deleted the flight from the screens as if they never existed. He looked up to see it was gone and when he asked they said it was canceled. He asked why and they wouldn't go into details but said it was weather, so they made HIM PAY for his hotel!! Now we might miss the US Open. If they had informed him earlier, we could have made an alternate plan like a car rental or train.

But nope, because of US Airways' irresponsibility and poor customer relations, we are paying the price.

SHAME ON YOU US AIRWAYS! And shame on me for relying on this airline.
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IAD - JFK on US Airways? Since US Airways only flies to JFK from Charlotte. You thought it was a good idea to book a connecting flight that flew South 300+ miles over an hour in the air so you can then fly North over an hour an half to JFK. Two flights plus connecting time about 4 hours. Versus non stop on United from IAD about an hour.
Presuming cost was a consideration because no thinking person would book such a flight. You should have considered coach service, there are multiple bus services that will get you into NYC for about $50 in about the same time as your screwy itinerary.
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Isn't this the section for complaints about United Airlines? I checked, and United does fly nonstop from Dulles to JFK. Perhaps the OP meant United instead of US Airways?
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Default meant for US Airways

Oops, yes I meant to post on US Airways. Not sure how to change, thanks for catching that! Not sure how to switch this to the right spot. It was my boyfriend's flight. He was trying to fly from DC to NYC. He was rescheduled a bunch of times so ended up going from National to Laguardia. The point is not where he was going, the point is that they did not care to announce flights were canceled, and then made him pay for hotel when there were no apparent weather issues.

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