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Default MIA-CUN cancelled, lying, multiple stories, 3.5 hrs on plane at gate

I was traveling from MIA to CUN on Friday June 5th 2009. I was originally scheduled on FLT 2179 departing at 1:00. I received a call at 9:30 from American Airlines as I was leaving for the airport that my flight had been cancelled. I called and was booked on the 3:05 flight. I was told the reason the flight was cancelled was “mechanical problems”. Come to find out, it was because the flight was not full enough. Since AA knew this flight was cancelled, I could have been rebooked on the 11:30 flight and not missed an entire day of vacation if they had called the night before or earlier that morning. And then it gets worse. Everyone boarded the completely full 3:05 flight, after which we sat at the gate for THREE AND A HALF HOURS with very little explanation about the cause, no food or drinks, surly flight attendants, hot temperature and a movie put on after 2 hours into the ordeal. The pilot informed us that a passenger wanted to get off and the hold up was they had to remove all the luggage to find his and then we would depart. A little while later we were told everyone had to get off the place with all of their carry on bags and would re-board in a “little while”. Needless to say, at this point people were literally freaking out. As everyone stood around the gate waiting to re-board, we were told the flight was cancelled and should go to another gate to try to get on another flight. A mad stampede ensued and the line at the next gate was a hundred people long. Apparently it was absolutely impossible for another gate agent to help anyone. As various people called AA on the phone, some were rebooked on the next flight over the phone, others were told they had to wait in the line. Then some who managed to make the new reservation on the phone were issued boarding passes from another gate agent and other people were told to wait in the line. Does AA have no standards? Why so many different stories? As it turns out, the plane we all had to debark from left for a different destination a while later, leaving us stranded in Miami. Does all AA care about making a buck with no customer service, no respect? Unload a whole plane full of people and then make them stand in a line for 2 hours after sitting on a place for 3.5 hours?? It makes no sense. Due to the incredibly poor customer service and ridiculous policies of AA, I will NEVER be traveling on AA again.

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