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Default this is a BIG THANK YOU!!! to american airlines.....I think?

My trip backpacking europe was done.....I had fun but was READY to come back home.really..I was really really done and anxious to get back.

my flight was from heathrow to JFK. me hardly ever flying in the US let alone in europe was so scared I would miss my flight that instead of showing up 2 hours early...I showed up 4 and a half hours flight was suppsed to leave at 5:00pm

heres where the drama begins. I didnt really know what I was suppsed to I asked a AA empoyee at a desk...she said your way too early, but what you do is watch that electronic TV screen and you will see your flight number and it change from which time then you go to the gate area.

well I thought I was all set....when it got even about 2 hours to the flight I stayed riveted to that moniter...and the ZONE just wasnt turnign to GATE as the hours went by...I thought maybe the flight is late.but I wasnt really worried it cause this is what a AA woman said to do. 4:45....I was thinking....hey...maybe somethings wrong..its 4:45 and the flight leaves at I run up to the desk... I said,can you tell me if there is a problem with my flight it isnt changing from zone to gate like she said....

she said ...sir...your flight boarded like a half hour ago...the gate probably is closed now........I FLEW INTO A PANIC/RAGE...ever see old news reel footage of hitler giving a speech?....well I was like that...I LOST MY MIND I couldnt even complete sentences.....I was told! screen! never turned to gate !!.... I'm not german but I think I even threw even a couple nein nein neins!!

she said sir you wont make it but you can go I ran upstairs like forrest gump and stuff is flying out of my backpack I left rick steves europe thru the backdoor on a hallway floor along with about 8 candy bars....I got to a security area...and they cant be here at this time need a AA offcial to accompany you......WHAT? WHAAAAA! I am now running back to the counter with tears in my eyes like a big 40 year old baby.

a counter dude said he would come with me and we ran up to the secruity area....and they were checking my bag and stuff...and the agent then said you are on your own, you better run, but I doubt you have a chance at this point.

I had to run the length of the airport ....I was I was heading to the last plane out of stalingrad.... then, out of breath walk jogging.... all the while...then running..and I am WHIMPERING as I am pain.and I came around a corner....and theres my gate and the female AA empoyee smiled and motioned for me to calm down and slow down....she took my boarding pass and told me to hurry up down the ramp.....and I turned the corner and I 5:10!!... to see a closed door...but I saw 2 female flight attendants chatting away at the open door and then smiling at me.....I came barreling thru red faced and sweating terribly and litterally sick from running

they smiled and told me to compose myself and sit anywhere for now....they brought me water..asked me if I needed anything else...and checked on me a couple of I was hyperventalating from exertion.

so.....the flight takes off.....and I....I...dont know what to make of what happened. did someone call ahead to a gate agent and say "listen...theres an american crybaby jackass barreling your way...can you give him some time....or was it just a fluke? I dont know if a compliment is due...I know one is due for the kindness of the in fligth crew....but the flight was supposed to leave at 5:00.....I got to the freakin gate at 5:10.

I just dont know...I dont know procedure...could one of those initial agents have called ahead for they do that sometimes? cause I cant explain how I made that flight.

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