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Thumbs down Virgin Atlantic - complaint

Me and my girlfriend traveled with Virgin Atlantic from Newark to Heathrow on Dec 23rd, for a connecting flight to Singapore. We thought that everything was going fine, there appeared to be no delays or anything.....but than it all went downhill. We were sitting on the plane for at least 2hours for them to fix a problem and than we got stuck behind many other planes mainly going domestic so i worked out that there was little chance of us making the connecting flight.

I have flown alot and believed that the service on Virgin would be very good as i have heard reports and travelled with them before and am part of their frequent flyer membership.

I asked the flight attendent if there was a way that we could get off the plane as soon as the doors opened but that was no help. The flight attendent brushed us off, so i politely asked another attendent if there was anything possible....expecting an answer that could clear up a few questions I got answers that in no way pertained to me or my girlfriend. The flight attendent said that she had a party to go to and that the delay ruined it and was just describing her life story. When we landed our plane was parked next to our connecting flight, Singapore Airlines A380, which was taking off within 30mins, but they said we couldnt make it.

So we went through flight transfers to the Virgin desk and they put us in a hotel that wasn't clean, the bathtub had black moldy rings around it, and we were given a $12 food coupon for the hotel but you had to purchase your own drinks....not having any english money i was unable to buy anything to drink.

Instead of going on the Singapore Airlines the next morning we flew on Qantas and they were much more professional and simpathetic about my situation, they were of great help, and were very understanding.

The return flight on Virgin was worse.....

After a 13 hour flight on Singapore Airlines which was a great experiance and the airline is easily the best out there as i travel with them as much as possible. I came to my Virgin Atlantic flight optomistic that my experiance will be much better than my last.....that was not the case.

The flight was delayed 2 hours due to engine troubles. The flight attendents didnt want one part of the customers. I would ask for a drink and nothing for the entire flight other than at the meal. The meal was frozen for both me and my girlfriend, it was inedible, and no one apologized or offered any help. The in-flight entertainment didnt work the entire flight, and it felt like no one was trying and that everything went downhill.

I wrote to Virgin and it took them over a month to reply, they were going to send me and my girlfriend each $50 vouchars for the entire trip, my girlfriend never recieved her vouchar, and Virgin kept apoplogizing and saying that it was not their responsibility in many cases....food is outsourced........state of the art entertainment thats checked before every flight......it just seemed to be excuses after excuses and they didnt want to take any responsibility!

Hopefully my flight with them in August will be much better, as it is a pain to transfer terminals at heathrow
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There is a saying, "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me." Why are you flying Virgin Atlantic again? There are other airlines that fly the Newark - Heathrow route.
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There are choices, but it could be the devil and the deep blue sea. BA and Continental!! I would choose Virgin, BA and Continental in that order...!
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I may have chosen another airline but Virgin gave me better times of travel and arrive at terminal 3 in heathrow so when i transfer for my singapore flight than i dont have to change terminals.....BA terminal 5 and continental go to terminal 4

besides i have had bad experiances on both BA and Continental.....but not to the extent of Virgin but to be honest its just to get me to heathrow and thank god im on Singapore Airlines for the longer part of my flight
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Even though i had a bad experiance the last time i flew with Virgin Atlantic, i am still very pleased to be flying with them again in 26 days to heathrow on my way to singapore.

they are still one of the best airlines out there and are professional in their work

when i have called them about some questions, example-flying club, linking 2 tickets on the same flight together so i can sit with my girlfriend (booked same flights at diff time), and a few other things....they were very understanding and helped me out alot, their customer service is actual service which i was very pleased about

i would take Virgin Atlantic to London-Heathrow over any other airline that flys there out of Newark International, or a NY area airport
1) Virgin Atlantic 2) British Airways 3) Continental
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Singapore Airline's A380 is the bomb!
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Default Virgin Atlantic- rude customer service

I am writing to make a complaint about a customer service representative named Ahmed Yadav who i spoke with on the phone on the 30th of september after calling the number given on the U.S site. this customer service representative was rude and unclear and when i asked to speak with someone else who may be better able to help me he told me blatantly that he would not transfer my call to someone else because my reason for wanting to be transferred was deemed "not valid" by him.Upon hanging up and calling back, I spoke with another colleague of his called Fabian who actually hung up on me! Now i find this to be surprising and disappointing customer service from an airline such as virgin. Almost every single person i know flies frequently with virgin, as do my family and we all have done so for years. I dont know if this man has treated other Nigerian customers like this in the past and gotten away with it but i feel the need to have this issue addressed. I have not had any problems with virgin up till now and as a matter of fact have often enjoyed my experience and I'm not really willing to let one rude customer service operative drive me away, however, as a nigerian customer I am willing to begin a petition, start a facebook page, write to newspapers, put up the conversation on You tube, whatever it’s going to take to demand better customer assistance from Virgin Atlantic. Nigerians love Virgin, We need to know that Virgin values us back.
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The problem here Grace, is that there is insufficient information. Perhaps if you told us what your initially issue was, and why they are being so rude to you, we could judge better.

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