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Default Got the flu? Welcome aboard!

Dear Jet Blue,

Tonight I spoke with "Tui" about your cancellation policy. I am concerned because my 4 year old son is scheduled to fly home from Hartford to SFO with his father tomorrow, however, he has become quite sick with a fever. They would much rather reschedule, and wait a day or two until this passes, and would be glad to provide medical documentation of his condition. Your cancellation fee of $100 per passenger (on top of the fare difference) makes it prohibitively expensive for us to consider changing their flight. Therefore, my son and husband will be flying home tomorrow, potentially exposing your crews and hundreds of passengers to his flu-like illness. As an ICU RN, I find your inflexibility in this matter at best greedy, and at worst a blatant and dangerous disregard for the health of your passengers and crew. It is an absolute disincentive to passengers who want to "do the right thing" for themselves and the public. I hope you will consider changing this policy. I think airlines have a responsibility to the public to discourage sick passengers from flying. Clearly, Jet Blue does not share this belief. In the meantime, I will be discussing the matter with my local representatives as well publicizing my experience with Jet Blue's policy via various media outlets.

Additionally, while I appreciate Tui's willingness to hear my concerns, and I acknowledged immediately that she did not create this foolish policy, she did accuse me of being "catty" when I expressed them. In no way did I attack her personally. I expect your representatives to be able to state your policy positions while being respectful.
This is my first disappointing experience with Jet Blue
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This is a tricky one....

First, Tui is totally in the wrong to suggest that putting your case, even if forcefully, is catty. Airline employees seem to have become so fragile that the slightest complaint results in ridiculous escalations. This week a German couple were ejected from a Delta flight after complaining that the champagne had run out in first class, one hour into the flight. The flight diverted, after the FA lied and said they had refused to sit down, and the authorities in Tampa declined to take any action against the couple. So on that issue, Tui is totally in the wrong.

On the second issue... I have mixed feelings. People who are infectious should not travel... and it would be wrong to do so, to save money. As a nurse, I know you realise this and you are trying to do the right thing. I think for airlines to waive the change fee would be a fair response, with a properly certified doctors certificate. However, I do feel that people would seek to abuse this and perhaps people should buy travel insurance to cover some of these eventualities. I have an annual policy, which costs less than £50. It seems to less common for people to have travel insurance in the US, but perhaps this should change.
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