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Default KLM - Warning, they have NO customer service!

Sept 12 2008
Ref: KLM #888 2A68DN HK to Hannover Sept 10,2008

Upon check in for the above referenced flight, my wife and I received our boarding pass to Amsterdam. I asked your agent to also give us our boarding pass for the connecting flight onto Hannover. She informed us to since this flight was so long, she cannot get us a boarding pass in HK, but that we must get this once we arrived in Amsterdam. However she did check our bags through to Hannover.
After a 13 hour flight, we arrived in Amsterdam and went to the KLM customer service counter to get our boarding pass to Hannover. Your agent looked at my tickets and then said our flight to Hannover is cancelled due to mechanical problems with the plane, and she must put us on a flight to Bremen where we can then take a bus to Hannover. This would require we wait 3.5 hours in the airport, then fly 1.5 hours to Bremen, wait for a bus approx I hour, and then take a 2 hour bus trip to Hannover.
I told this agent I have no intention of doing this kind of crazy schedule, especially after having traveled 13 hours from HK already. I further explained that I cannot have my 86 yearold father in Hannover drive at 3 am out to the airport to pick us up. I requested she book us on another carrier to get us to Hannover. She quickly became disinterested in our troubles and simply said this is what you will get, “Take it or leave it!” She said we should have known the Hannover flight was cancelled before we left Hong Kong. I apologized to her for being so stupid that I would not know this information. She said the KLM agent in Hong Kong should have told us this. Frankly, why this is relevant to my situation I still don’t know. But it was clear to me this agent was trying to blame me for this trouble! I said to her I will now need for her to provide us a hotel room, and she can book us the next morning on the KLM flight to Hannover. She refused my request and said we have to pay for this ourselves. I requested to see her supervisor and she refused saying we have no supervisor that will talk to you. I insisted I speak to a supervisor, so she turned to the agent next to her and said, “OK, she is the supervisor.” I took up this issue with this person, a miss Rodrigous according to her name badge. I asked her if she really was the supervisor, and she told me she was. Unbelievably, she was more rude to us than the previous agent. It was clear they could care less what we did, or how this problem could be solved. She stated that since I refused their offer of the Bremen reroute, they have no more obligations to us as a customer. I was left to figure out getting a hotel for me and my wife, and spend the night without our luggage. The next morning we booked on a 10:45 flight to Hannover. I arrived at the Shippol Airport at 7:00 so I could talk to your customer service dept concerning our treatment with the KLM staff. I went to your transfer desk in Terminal 1, the ticket counter at gate 22, and another desk back inside the main terminal, only to be told that there is no one who will speak to us directly about this matter. I find this deceitful, cavalier attitude from your airline totally unacceptable. I might also point out that I paid for air travel to Hannover, not bus travel from Bremen. The contracted service I paid KLM was for air travel from Hong Kong to Hannover which included fuel surcharges and taxes for such a ticket. Excursions to other cities and bus travel are not part of this contract agreement. Furthermore, I also know that your agent lied to me when she told me the flight was cancelled due to mechanical reasons beyond their control. I happen to know this flight was cancelled due to low passenger booking. If your decision is to cancel or delay this flight, it is your responsibility to accommodate fare paid passengers. That would mean providing us with hotel and meals, and rebook us on the next available flight to Hannover. Your agent even refused to assist us in locating a hotel. She said the only choice KLM will provide is for us to fly to Bremen and then go by bus. If we want to go by air, we will wait for the next day and pay all expenses until this flight leaves.
I have receipts for the expense I incurred being forced to stay in Amsterdam for 1 night. I expect nothing less than a full refund of these expenses, along with an apology concerning our treatment by your agents in Amsterdam. The total charges are 195.1 EU. This includes hotel, dinner, train fare to hotel. The day we lost having to stay in Amsterdam is unfortunate and caused me to alter my vacation itinerary. However, I am not seeking any for compensation for this as it would be unfair to pursue.
We own an international travel business with offices in Shanghai and Kunming China. We manage travel for Chinese tourists traveling to many countries, including Europe, Asia and UK. We also work closely with CITS travel, the largest national travel company in China.
At present, I will consider this incident only an isolated case and not reflective of KLM’s customer service policy. However, if you choose not to rectify this incident quickly to my satisfaction as I outlined, I will take this to the next level and file this complaint with the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) along with publishing this incident in detail on the two travel websites we maintain (www.g-trotter.com, www.buckchucko.com) We will also exclude our customers from using KLM airlines for any travel since they may be subject to this treatment as well. I trust you will give this complaint the attention it deserves.
Jack Hendler & Li Yong Rong
Globe Trotter Inc, Kunming China
NOTE: Sent through KLM customer service complaint form via KLM website Sept 22,2008
Sent them a request respond to my complaint KLM website Oct 08 2008
Oct 20th - still have not received any response from KLM so I conclude that KLM has no one responsible to handle complaints and simply does not read them.

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