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Default No response from Customer Relations

I have e-mailed customer relations at AA twice (once last week and once this week) and sent a fax to them outlining my problem (problem trying to use a $568 AA credit owing to me ). I provided my e-mail address, my home address, my home phone number and my cell phone number and all documentation they would need to review my claim. I have not received any response to my e-mails (not even an automated response) nor have I receive a phone call or letter. The only phone number available on AA's website is reservations. The reservation supervisors tell me customer relations cannot be reached by telephone. I am very very frustrated.
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Default AA Just doesnt care

I empathize with your frustration. Most "jilted" customers just want to be heard and want fairness. I tried to change my return trip destination from Ontario, CA to Palm Springs. The AA agent said the fare difference was over $500 plus the $75 change fee. I went to the Palm Springs airport website to see what other carriers I might take to get home. The site allowed me to book a new reservation. It was only $110 one way fare on American and the reservation I found was on the very same flight from Cedar Rapids to Dallas and then American Eagle Dallas to Palm Springs was the change. So, I found it myself for $110 but the Gold Desk couldn't find it for less than $500! Ive been flying for 10 years on American with over 350,000 miles and they simply do not care about my loyalty. I missed Gold this year for the first time since 1999 by 3,000 miles. I tried to use the credits in my upgrade account and I'm not eligible to upgrade nor will they refund or give me a credit. I'm done being loyal and will not be flying on AA and will not renew Admirals Club for the first time in a long time.
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This is the 2nd reply I've tried to post. AA is in violation of 14 CFR Part 382 about handicapped access. check it out. First, they are supposed to have somebody available either in person or by free phone at every airport to handle wheelchair and other such complaints at each airport. And, they are not supposed to have holding pens or other enforced waiting to use wheelchair transportation.
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Default American Airlines No Customer Service, Security Breach On Airline

October 18, 2010
Dear American Airlines:
My husband and I recently traveled on your airline to La Romana, Dominican Republic. I had reservations for Flight #1765 leaving Washington Dulles International airport on October 9, 2010 at 7:55 am with a layover in San Juan Puerto Rico, with a change of planes going on to La Romana .
Upon arriving at the airport on October 9, 2010, we upgraded to fly first class and paid a total of $360.00 ($180.00 each person) to upgrade. Unfortunately it was the worst first class flying experience we have ever had to endure. The lead Flight Attendant for first class spent more time during the flight with a person that came up from the Coach section and proceeded to chat for more than an hour and ˝ of the flight , as I stated the person came up from the coach section and stayed in the Galley area and chatted with the lead Flight Attendant also the lead Flight Attendant gave the woman a glass of wine and some biscuits it was a morning flight and the women proceeded to eat, drink and chat while we in first class were not taken care of. My husband had asked for Rum and coke approximately 45 minutes before the flight was to end this was going to be only his third drink during the flight. Prior to that he had to take his drink glass that all of the ice had melted up to the lead flight attendant and give it to her because she was too busy chatting to come to pick it up and ask if we needed anything else. I only had one drink with my breakfast; I did not bother her for anything else. Because I had asked for more orange juice but she forgot to bring it. After my husband asked for the drink approximately 15 minutes went by and she was still chatting with the women in the galley from the coach section, she had not brought my husband his drink but she had poured this woman another glass of wine. When we asked the other Flight attendant about the drink she went to the lead flight attendant and that attendant came back and said that they had to get the Rum from the back that they only allow 3 rum per flight, and we stated to her that this was only his third and that all she needed to do was communicate to us why it was taking so long but instead she was chatting with the other women from coach section that was in the galley, she was serving her drinks and food. Three drinks are not over the limit for a person on a three and ˝ hour plane trip. We paid for first class but we did not get first class service. We did not get what we paid for.
But even worse than what I have described is the fact that the lead flight attendant committed a breach of security whiles the airplane was in flight. During the time that the women was at the front the lead flight attendant put the cart in the aisle blocking the door of the pilot’s cabin like they do when they are going to open the door to the pilot’s cabin, this is done to protect the pilots flying the plane as well as the passengers because it blocks any passenger from being able to enter the pilot’s cabin and taking over the plane. But in this circumstance the lead flight attendant put the cart there but the women from the coach section was still in the galley area and she was on the side of the cart nearest to the pilot’s cabin, and the lead flight attendant opened the pilot’s cabin while the women was there this is definitely a security breach it put all of the passengers safety in jeopardy. I asked the lead flight attendant if that women was an American Airlines employee or not, she said no she was not I asked her a second time was she an employee of American Airlines and she said no , I was so surprised that she would commit such a security breach after 911 that I asked her again and she said I answered your question. I asked her for her name and she stated that she cannot give it to me I said I understand about last names for security reasons but I only want your first name and she stated that she could not give that to me that it was company policy. When we arrived at San Juan I immediately went to make a complaint at the American Airlines customer counter, they called the operational coordinator Rosendo Serrano and he came to speak to us. We explained everything to him and he looked up the Flight and gave us the Lead Flight Attendant’s name, he also stated that she has had other complaints from people on the ground there that apparently she shows disrespect to them. I was in tears I have never ever been in a circumstance like that. Where a first class flight attendant breaches security and puts chatting with a person above her duties as a first class attendant. Flying first class is expensive and the only way to keep customers happy and willing to pay the price to fly first class is first class treatment. On my return flight I did not upgrade to first class because I saw no reason because I did not want to pay extra to be treated in the same manner as my first flight. What I have discussed in this letter is appalling to watch a security breach and to watch such a long chatting, drinking and eating session with the lead flight attendant and the person from the coach section.
The supervisor at the San Juan Airport said that he would be reporting the incident and for me to also write a letter of complaint and in that letter he said to include my receipts and also what I wanted for compensation for the flight.
I am requesting that my first class upgrade of $360.00 be refunded due to not receiving first class service. and also being afraid of what could have occurred with the security breach. If you would have been on that flight you definitely would not have been happy with the service. I am also attaching my receipt showing the upgrade fees paid.
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Default Got a travel voucher~~~~!!

Please see my post above for reference-4 above this post
I never heard from AA; but I FINALLY got a travel voucher from them in the mail yesterday for my FULL FARE LESS $100 !!! Yay! I truly can't complain about that. I am grateful for the voucher, though their customer relations truly leaves something to be desired as far as (lack of) communication goes.

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