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American Airlines Complaints>Damaged my $3,000 Computer, and Will not respond to me.
eswaggins 2:49 AM Jan 23, 2017
I took a flight from West Palm Beach to Hartford, CT with a stop in Philadelphia. I carried on my $3,000 Alienware computer onto the flight from PBI to PHL as I used this for work. I was able to bring it on the plane to PHL. When I boarded for BDL from PHL, it was a smaller plane and they were taking peoples backs and "VIP Valet" checking them. I was uncomfortable and started to refuse. When they still wouldnt let me, I told the agent that there was a $3,000 computer in there and they MUST mark this as fragile as I know how baggage is handled. The lady assured me she would. I saw them tossing the bags on the plane and when I got to Hartford, I got my bag back and there was NO special marking on the bag. I got to my parent's house and my computer was damaged, the keyboard was busted, the USB was busted. Needless to say I was ******! I lodged a formal complaint, and even followed up once since and its been 6 days and still no response. I am beyond livid with this airline, they MUST pay for what they have done.
eswaggins 5:55 PM Jan 24, 2017
So they respond by sending my a "Canned" "Templated" response to this situation and say that I (The customer), needs to reach out to another department (See attached) Also in the attachment is my response to them


susanmoffat 9:21 AM Mar 21, 2017

Just wondering what the outcome was and if you have any contact details that may help me.

AA lost my bag on MIA-JFK on 4th January. I was continually told they were searching for it. After close to 40 emails back and forth I was told the case would be closed on March 20th.

After having to fill in a claim for all my belongings which were worth over $5,000. They said as I had no receipts they would give me 2,246. Even things I had receipts for they decided not to pay out for those things. So after asking over 2 weeks ago for my bank details, which I sent. I have heard nothing. I have emailed 5 times during this time, just to be ignored.

It's now past the deadline and I've no idea what to do as they just ignore me. I feel like they've just stolen my stuff and offered me no compensation. I was on a 10 day trip over NY in the Bahamas and had all my best shoes and bags etc. Things I've bought from all over the world and were precious to me. I understand bags go missing but surely the service recovery and the customer service you receive after is paramount.

As I'm in the UK I am not sure who to go to next to get this issue sorted. It has caused me numerous sleepless nights and stress.

Can anyone help?


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