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Singapore Airlines Complaints>Canceled air ticket without inform
Aliceteoh 2:31 PM Dec 10, 2017
I'm credit card heavy user also principal card of whole family members. So I always redeem my credit card points into Krisflyer miles for myself and spouse too. I made 2 bookings (6GVYDT & 6P6W9C) for my son by using miles+cash from Singapore Airlines on March 2017. Unfortunately I got email from Singapore Air on September 2017, said that my husband's krisflyer account has been suspended for audit purposes as they found his miles was transferred from my credit card which is breach of contract. After reviewing the terms and conditions over and over again, I didn't find any clauses in Krisflyer's terms & conditions saying I cannot redeem my credit card point into my spouse Krisflyer account! My question is if I against the rules why my both tickets issued on the day I booked? So my husband account is now suspended due to audit. He cannot use his account to book any of ticket. On 8 Dec 17, I was trying to check in online for booking 6GVYDT which flying from Singapore to San Franc on 11 Dec. But found both booking were missing! It is very unprofessional and unacceptable that the airline company had decided to cancelled my flights without any proper notification via phone or email. If I had not done the online check in, I will have to find out that my whole family is flying to the states except my son during the day of departure. The worst part is I email them for more than 5 times to related department but no response, called twice transferred but no answer, lastly complaint at their facebook page and they response but without solutions. If you were in my situation and left 72 hours to fly but found your booking had canceled, what should you do!? We whole family so mad & disappointed with this matter! They have ruined our trip to attend my daughter's graduation, all of our domestic flight and hotels in US booked, and now we all living in worries and I have to booked another new tickets for my son which is triple higher than the ticket I booked on March. We have suffered tremendously both in monetary term and psychological stress as everything happened at the very last minute. I am seeking for professional legal advise from my lawyer to seek for legal actions at this point. We believe the airline company should be professional enough to handle their mismanagement of the reward point system and not punish their loyal customers for it. And please take my advice before joining their Krisflyer program.
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