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Default Iberia Airlines International Business Plus Fare

I have not been able to locate an address for Iberia Airlines customer service anywhere (don't think they have any), but will blog it so that others will know what we have experienced.

We left Costa Rica September 30 for Madrid and then on to Venice for a 12 day cruise and decided to opt for first class or now is called Business Plus. It was very expensive - over $7,000 for my husband and me. We figured it was worth it for the number of hours in the air.

It wasnt' bad going over except the food was definitely not first class quality and seemed that the staff was not well-trained. It was nice to have the reclining seats, however, out of 24 seats total in Business Class, there were only about 8 of them occupied. Going over was okay.

On our return, October 16 out of Rome, same pedestrian food. However, none of the electronics worked in Business Plus - no movies, tv, music (nothing for over 12 hours).

So guess my complaint is that these new seats were very expensive. Don't mind spending the money, if the food is excellent and everything works as it should which is what you are paying so much money for. We will probably not fly Iberia again - not very friendly and no customer service contact.

Jan Pahde

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Your only complaint that you may receive some form of compensation for is the out of order IFE (In-Flight Entertainment) system on your return flight. If you have an Iberia frequent flier account or a FF# with another oneworld partner they may credit your account with some bonus miles but that's about all. I took a business class flight on Delta and they had problems with the IFE and I received 5000 miles deposited into my account.

As for the food it's hard to please everyone all the time. Planes are not restaurants and although there is an expectation of better quality in business or first class it is still airline food which was prepared on the ground in mass quantities and re-heated in a convection oven on the plane. Some airlines are very good with their food service and some not. Even on an airline with a reputation for consistently excellent food you might fly them on an off day. Even five star restaurants can have an off day once in a while.

I'm not sure why you felt it necessary to comment on the number of empty seats in business class the day you flew. Realy what does that have to do with any of your complaints. If you do end up e-mailing or writing a complaint to Iberia I would suggest omitting that part. Here's some information I found for Iberia in Costa Rica:


Office: (506) 24315633

San Jose. City office

1 km east , Juan Santamaría Intl.Airport.
Rio Segundo, Alajuela.
Costa Rica
Monday to Friday; from 8.00 am to 12:00 am, and from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Telephone 506) 24315633 Fax 506) 24315632
San Jose. Airport office

Juan Santamaria
Telephone 506) 24430454 Fax 506) 24412591

Good luck to you.
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Default Iberia Airlines

First of all, we could never get in touch with Iberia in Costa Rica as they never answered the phone and we had to call New York several times to get information and make our reservation.

The number of empty seats in Business Plus both leaving and returning, when the rest of the plane was full just confirmed that $3500 per person was way too much money to spend to get to Europe. We traveled with another couple in Coach who paid one third of what we paid. I am sure that we were paying for their newly decorated recliners and I think they should know about it and how their marketing isn't working. What a shame to waste all those great beds and if they came down on them, they may have more occupied and make more money.

I could certainly read a book for 12 hours, but no music, many movie choices that we couldn't see and bad food was unacceptable for that many hours and amount of money. We have been on many other First Class and Coach flights and have had better food and service most of the time. It is about the service, food and entertainment when we choose to fly first class. Our friends were happy with what they had in Coach. I just think that there was attendant training going on. Example: The warmed bread was hard like a rock from too long in their heating unit.

Anyway you look at it, it is not a restaurant, nor is it a hotel in the sky; then why should it be so expensive.

Thank you for your information about Iberia.
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i dont know about Iberia but with the airlines i fly with frequently (Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, and a few others) their entertainment is the same throughtout the cabins, same movies, music and so on

airplane food is airplane food, there is no way around it unless you bring it yourself, it will never be as good quality as restaurant food (unless its a real bad restaurant or a fast food joint) and yeah some airlines food exceeds other airlines (i know that singapore airlines food in economy is better than british airways business and virgin atlantics upperclass......but than again singapore airlines has been ranked 1st or 2nd consistantly in basically all areas and i would consider them an outliner not on average with the rest aka far exceeds the norm, in my opinion) but never go on a flight expecting a great meal you will be disapointed, i expect to have a little better quality and choice when i am in business or first, but i know either way that it wont be as good as a home cooked meal

the cost of your flight seems about right comparing it with other flights in that class, also remember people and companies are still hesitant to fly business or first, they will go economy/coach to save money if they have to go at all......yes the economy is showing signs of revival (out of rec. 3rd qrt profits) but companies are still tight on cash and dont want to use it unless they have to.........so yeah the seats are expensive but you get what you pay for (when things work) and they have enough of those seats for the forseable demand

lastly, everyone pays a different price for their flights, so the person next to you in coach would have paid 1/3 the amount you paid (remember you were in a higher cabin so you would naturally have to pay more) but than the person behind you could have paid 2/3 the amount you paid or even less than the person next to you paid

either way, good luck getting through to Iberia and good luck getting compensation, i bet that if they go through your complaint the comment about the food will be its from outside caterers thats not our issue (yet it is since the airline uses/chooses that caterer unless they dont have a choice and has to use them) best of luck.....give them time, airlines are not exactly cheetahs when it comes to responding
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Thanks for your information. Actually, the entertainment going over had a selection of 12 current movies, games and just about anything you would want to keep you occupied. It was impressive when it worked. We were looking forward to that treat on the return, but were disappointed. Our travel buddies had no choice of the movie they saw.

We don't expect 5 star restaurant food on an airline, but should be decent considering. I think it was mostly not a very well-trained staff that contributed. As it turns out, a week after our return Iberia went on a wild cat strike and stranded many in Madrid for a couple days.
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Default Iberia Airlines International Business Plus Fare

This is a strange conversation. The point made seems simple: the triple cost of a business ticket implies several differences to a coach ticket: priority boarding and deplaning, extra space, almost 180 degree reclining seats, better food, drinks, good earphones, choice of entertainment programs, a lower ratio of toilletes per pax and a lower ratio of flight attendants per pax, permitting a more personalized service.
No one expects Paul Bocuse to prepare the food at serving time or Lady Gaga to perform live.
However, when one or more of the expected differences is not provided, there is a break in the contract, formal or informal.
Good companies would make serious efforts to demonstrate they are sorry when, for example, the entertainment system does not work (which happened to me a few times).
And they should reimburse the pax when something does not work. It would always be arbitrary but it would demonstrate they care and would motivate them to prevent the problem.
Passengers have been too quiet. Good Jan Pahde to speak loud.

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