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Angry Had to Pay TWICE for One Flight

I visited my hometown for Memorial Day, flying from RDU>EWR>PIT (with a round trip ticket returning PIT>IAD>RDU). Apparently, a United employee printed my return tickets in Newark but did not tell me or give them to me. Now, for the record, I did not lose this ticket because I meticulously (and responsibly) kept all my documentation. When I arrived at PIT to fly home this morning, I was informed that I would have to buy a NEW, replacement ticket because my ORIGINAL ticket was printed in Newark and could not be accessed online for that reason. They said they could see my reservation, they saw my payment, and they could not simply cancel the printed ticket and reissue my online boarding pass -- it was just beyond their control, apparently. Now, even if someone had gotten ahold of this ticket, they wouldn't have been able to use it because they wouldn't have had my identification! It would have been useless to them! The United Airlines staff at the check-in counter was unable to help me, so I called United's customer service to ask them to either pay for my flight or recompense me for the second ticket, but they did neither. This phone call lasted roughly thirty minutes, and due to this, I was unable to take my originally scheduled flight. I had to buy new tickets for a later flight, and these cost me $289. I essentially had to pay twice for the same service. I sent complaints to United's Twitter, Facebook, and Refund Department, and they've so far been completely useless. All I want is a full refund for this return flight -- $289 isn't a lot for a large company like United, but it is a large amount for me, a graduate student currently working three jobs to make ends meet. I paid for my tickets, I arrived at the airport in a timely fashion, and this error is 100% on the part of United Airlines -- they even acknowledge this, that the fault was not mine but rather the fault of the United Airlines worker in Newark. I don't have $289 lying around to pay for United's mistake.
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Best luck trying to sort out this mess. Confusing how they could not fix it. Damn companies.
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sorry to see this mess. they printed your TICKETS? Or your BOARDING PASSES?
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