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Default Refusing to clean their act

Let's start with a tip: dont book an American (AA)ticket for an Iberia (IB) flight or vise versa. It will save you from a lot of trouble. Fly AA on AA tickets, fly IB with IB tickets. You might live the rest of your live normally.

We tried to arrange a basket for our new born and got stonewalled by both AA and IB. We had AA tickets for an IB flight. AA said call IB, IB said call AA. That doesnt help. Since my gf's father was on the same flight with an IB ticket, IB customer service rep advised us to cancel the infant ticket with AA, put the baby on my gf's father's ticket and pay a higher ($200) fare. That is illegal. By IATA regulations, the infant (0-2 years old) need to be under mom's or dad's name and ticket if they are on the same flight. I told the rep that, he just hung up the phone.
We ended up having to go to the airport 24 hours pre departure and arrange things there. Airport staff were very helpful and kind but they were the only ones.

During the flight the captain had the fasten seatbelt sign on for 2.5 hours after a small area of turbulence. It's not the 1st time a busdriver forgets to switch of a light. Passengers were standing up, walking around dispite the light being on. Toilets were visited and the crew was handing out drinks in the back galley. When I asked for water for my breasting feeding gf, i was instructed to go back to my seat in harsh words. The lady next to me got 2 cokes, a wine and a water with a smile from the flight attendant. I asked her for water, a male colleague stepped in, gave me half a bottle of water and said "*******, now go".

On arrival we had a miising suitcase. Instead of staff helping me file a report, they made me search for my bag and screamed at me after winking me over and i had to go back in line as i wasnt a business class passenger and they only handle business class. You bloody wink me over!!! When i found a similar suitcase of the same flight, I said this might be a bag switch and the IB rep asked me if i called the passenger. ILLEGAL AGAIN! IB is by contract bound to make those arrangements. Reluctantly 1 rep called and it took a day to get my suitcase delivered home.

I complained about all this to IB on a complaint form and i got an answer 3 weeks later, without even an apology. I got screamed at in my face by ground staff on arrival, was called an ******* by flightcrew, was hung up by customer service personell and IB acts like its day to day routine.

No apology is unacceptable. If your staff is brave enough to yell in my face, call me an *******, your managers should be able say sorry in my face too.

Now for the fun bit. 2 months after the reply to my complaint, i get an email with a survey about how the complaint was handled. It was easy to fill in, it were 6 of those 0 to 10 check the applicable ball plus 2000 words free format. When pressing the finish button, i got redirected to the IB homepage with a message "book your new flight now".

That is hilarious! It shows a bit more confidence then expected. I have no intention to book any flights with IB. Ever. Again.
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