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Angry Outarageous behavior of Iberia personnel

This is a complaint about an outrageous behavior of Iberia personnel at the Sao-Paulo, International Airport, Brazil and a totally unacceptable attitude towards its customers.
I purchased a flight ticket from Tel-Aviv, Israel to Sao-Paulo, Brazil and back, in EL-AL. EL-AL offered and I accepted to purchase a direct EL-AL flight from Tel-Aviv to Sao-Paulo on October 24th, and back to Tel Aviv on a Code-Share Iberia flight through Madrid on Friday October 28th.
The flight to Brazil passed well.
The flight back though, turned out to be a real nightmare!
I arrived at the GRU international terminal well ahead of time, on October 28th at about 1:30 pm as the flight was scheduled to take off at 16:30 pm. The line of people to the check-in desks was immense, and I had to wait in it more than two hours and a half (!!) before I reached the check in desk, just to hear the stewardess say "I am sorry sir but the flight was cancelled". Simple as that.
I urged her to tell me why all these Iberia people have let me wait that long without any notification, neither on the overhead electronic boards, nor on the terminal's audio announcement services, but she failed to do so. One thing I did manage to understand from the lady's mumbling was that it takes time to try and find a flight solution for each and every customer in that line, what clearly shows that the cancellation of the flight was not an event of the last minute...
In my case there was no solution, since all connection flights from Europe to Israel were completely full. I reluctantly accepted Iberia's offer to lodge me for the night in a hotel near the airport and was asked to make sure I will attend at the check in again on 7:00 am sharp, since the flight is scheduled for 8:00 am. Not to be late, she said.
The next morning, I arrived at 6:45 am just to see that there is nobody at the check-in desks (!!)
After 15 minutes search, I found the terminal offices of Iberia, where I managed to talk with another stewardess and with the person in charge of the offices.
To my second surprise, I was told that the aircraft that was scheduled to take off at 8:00 pm was actually repaired the night before and took off at 10:00 pm that night (!!)
I was enraged to hear their answer to my obvious question, that they had notified the hotel, but the hotel probably failed to notify me. Why didn't any of Iberia personnel bother to make sure I was notified (needless to say that I never left the hotel the whole night, and was available on my cellular phone too)? God knows. They did not have an answer to that. They did not even try to answer that. What they did though, is to send me back to the hotel until that after noon for the 16:30 pm flight on that very day (Oct 25th).
In my anger, I demanded to be compensated for the distress, frustration and loss of time, directly referred to Iberia personnel misconduct and inconsiderate behavior, by easing at least the long flight to Europe and that home, in the business class compartment. I was answered with a blunt and arrogant NO to that, but was kindly invited to wait for the flight at Delta's VIP lounge. In my situation at the time, I did not really need that…
For the finale of this saga, on my way to the aircraft, I met two nice Spanish guys that happened to pass through the same odyssey that I did, with a little difference – they were both promoted to the business class. When I told them that I was refused that promotion they tried to guess why: "possibly that is because you are not Spanish…"
Well, maybe they were right, or even better than that, I was not a real Iberia customer – after all, I purchased my ticket at EL-AL and that should makes the whole difference.
The rest of the flight in the tourist class passed with no special events. The Iberia flight personnel were even nice.
A few weeks passed as well, I am much more relaxed now, but still puzzled whenever I recall these events. Never, in decades of flights I encountered such a treatment from an airline carrier toward its customers.
I don't know if there is anything now that may makeover for Iberia personnel unforgivable service. One thing I can say though is that until then, I will not be able to promote any favorable criticism for Iberia as flight company and service provider

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