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Default Misbehaviour by cabin crew

Sub : Official Complaint Against Air India Crew , Flight AI-136, PNR No. J30M4 & Request for strict action.

1.* This is to kindly bring to your notice that I am a Delhi-based journalist in an international news agency and I cover International Relations and Foreign Policy.

2. I would like to draw your attention towards the misbehaviour by the cabin crew of one of your international flights.

Details are as follows :

From Madrid to New Delhi on May 13, 2017 (2230 hrs, 10.30 pm flight), Flight no: AI 136, PNR No. J30M4, Seat No. : 39 A

3. The Captain of this flight was Sunil Kumar, and other crew members were - Mr Khushdeep, Ruchika Gusula, and one more lady flight attendant who refused to divulge her name, when I asked her name to make a complaint.

4. Sir, firstly the table of my seat was broken and secondly it was dirty* from the previous flight. I asked this other lady to clean, she said it was not her job and was the cleaner's job. The the remote was not working. I said could I get another seat. Ruchika, the other lady and Khushdeep, all said that passengers could not change the seats without the approval of cabin crew. So I asked them to give me approval, as the row on the side was all empty, they said I need to ask the passenger who had just shifted there to sleep, without the approval of the cabin crew. I told them how did the other passenger shift there, when the rule for me was to take their approval. I had a minor altercation with this passenger, but to no avail. Anyway, I asked Ruchika where could I sit as my remote was not working and I wanted to watch something. She asked me to sit on this passenger's original seat, which was now vacant. I shifted. There was another girl in my row, who for some reason started crying, I asked her, but no reply. The cabin crew thought I said something to her.Ruchika and this other lady started screaming at me, were rude and accused me of troubling everyone on the flight. They should have asked that girl first before screaming at me. Plus they are crew and are trained to be polite, we passengers can be rude to each other as we are all paying the same amount, but the crew cant be rude to me, especially when I have said nothing. The other two passengers were playing victims making the crew pin all accusations on me.

5. Later, while serving food, Ruchika told me that there was no vegetarian food and I had not mentioned, but I clearly remember mentioning during my booking, because I mentioned in both my flights, and while going from Delhi to Madrid, I had got my vegetarian food without any problem, so why was there a problem now, obviously I coulndt have forgotton to mention my choice of food on my return journey , when I had done so on my ongoing journey from here.

6.Sir, when I asked the names of the crew, the three ganged up and started talking rudely to me, the other lady and Khushdeep even threatened to complain against me, I said they could by all means, I had no problem in showing my boarding pass and giving my details. They answered rudely, didnt apologise even once, didnt try to solve my problems, made my journey horrible and my experience miserable.

7.I request you to take action against all these three, and de-roster them for some time.

Thanking you in anticipation

Suman Sharma
Special Correspondent
South Asia Bureau
Foreign Policy & International Relations
Ph : 9868921108
Email : [email protected]

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