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Default NOT the Airline of the Year 2017

Started out on our way to Punta Cana Thursday Dec.21st.at 4:30 am. Our trip to Dallas was great as we were in first class and had plenty of room.
That was the end of that! We had a mechanical and had to wait an hour before boarding our flight to Miami. Now worried about making our connection to Punta Cana. Well it would have worked out except the pilot announced that they had 10 thousand lbs. of extra fuel that they needed to take off. He said it could take 15 minutes or half an hour. That didnít go quite as planned either. A second truck needed to come and it took another half hour. This should have been taken care of before we ever boarded the plane. Soon afterward I got an e-mail saying they rerouted us to Charlotte the next morning. Really, now going backwards. As it turned out when we arrived in Miami our connection was still at the gate. It hadnít left yet, but we had to wait to get off the plane. We didnít have the option to deplane before the rest of the people. We ran to the gate and got there in time to see the plane still there but the jetway was pulled away. We were so close, just a few minutes earlier and we would have made it If they would have let us off the plane. By now Iím just boiling. The next step was to go to the customer service desk to get a hotel and try to reroute to a better place. It was a long 2 hr wait that was absolutely ridiculous. They were so incompetent. There was this young couple with a baby that was at the counter when we got in line. They obviously didnít get the help they needed, but remained calm. The lady started filming while they were waiting and a few minutes later 5 policeman showed up. Seriously, police? They gave them a hard time and stayed for the duration that we were there. Two people cut the line and got special treatment from the manager who was obviously a friend of theirís. Everyone else had to wait their turn. Once we got to the counter they wound up getting us on a flight to Charlotte at 10:00pm. Now on the plane and we were waiting again . Apparently this time they needed to get oil. Again something they could have done an hour before when the plane got there. These are poor excuses to be running late. What really ****** us off was the flight attendant got a call from dispatch letting her know that they were going to hold the plane for some passengers. She announced that everyone needed to stay seated so that the others could catch their flight. Isnít this what should have happened to us? Once we got there we had to get a hotel. We wound up getting to our room at 1:00 am. We missed out on a night in our resort that cost almost $900 per night, our first class seats and aggravation like no other. Now letís see if we can get our bags. Supposed to get them in Punta Cana. They said they wait listed us for first and found out this morning they didnít. Tired of the run around we have received from American Airlines. They have lost our business for good. Never again. They were totally screwed up. So many more details I left out. Now trying to get a complaint in to AA.com. What a joke. The run around once again. They about made it impossible to do this. My husband called the airlines and they said they couldnít help him on his whim. We want 1st class tickets on the way home since we lost it on the other end. Not gonna happen. American Airlines is the worst, cannot believe they got airline of the year. So many incompetent people working for them. They SUCK!!!!!!!!!



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